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    Hello all,

    A new member and first time poster on the forum. I recently purchased a 995TS Carbine from a local gun shop. Price was 299+tax and background check fee. Was expecting a black stock as I did/do not see any reason to pay extra for the cammo stock. The gun store is not a stocking dealer so I had to wait 3 days to receive the carbine. Much to my surprise when I received it, it was a cammo stock instead of the standard black. A plesant surprise. They also offered me a reflex sight for $20. A shout out to Christina at Ridge Runner Armory in Ocoee, TN. GREAT customer service and I was not able to find a lower price in the immediate area.

    Initially had some issues with getting the magazine inserted into the weapon when loaded with 10 rds. With 9 it would go in with no problem but with 10 i had to really push on the mag to get it to seat. After reading the forum I discovered that I needed to "rap" the magazine on my hand to ensure the rounds were pointing "up" rather than flat. This seemed to resolve the problem although it still takes more force than I think is necessary to get the magazine properly inserted. I am hoping this will go away after some use.

    I built a small range at my home with targets @ 7, 15, 25, 35 and 50 yards. On my initial trip to the range me and my son shot 50 rds (it got too dark to shoot safely) at the 25 yard target and was pretty impressed with the accuracy of the 995TS. Mind you I'm no sharpshooter. I was shooing offhand with factory iron sights and don't have the best eyesight in the world. We were able to put all 50 round on the paper, 8X10 copy paper with 1.5" orange stick on bullseyes, right out of the box. Not that hitting the paper @ 25 yds is great shooing but we did shoot the bullseye out of the 5 targets we shot. I was pretty damned impressed.

    Since the initial trip I have put another 100 rd thru it and am loving it. I/We have moved to shooting the 35 yd and 50 yd targets instead of the 25. I find the gun to be pretty accurate. I am able to shoot and hit 2 liter soda bottles easily from that range. More than accurate enough for HD use, which is not my intention. I have a 12 gauge for that purpose. I have always loved to shoot and now that my son has discovered that he also likes to shoot we have something to do together.

    It had more recoil than I was expecting. Don't know why i was expecting it to have no recoil but that was my expectation. This is not the case but the recoil is NOTHING like a centerfire rifle. I would consider it mild.

    My buddy has the Kel-Tec Sub2000 carbine which he loves and says it is accurate to 100 yds. I do not have a place to safely shoot 100 yards plus I can't see very well at 100 yards. He paid $500+ for his Kel-Tec while I paid sub $300 for my Hi-Point. The Keltec is lighter and does fold but it felt "cheap" to me. I have not shot it yet so I can't compare the two in that regard.

    Anyway just wanted to contribute something as I have read multiple articles on the forum which helped me decide on the Hi-Point 995TS as the plinker I was going to buy Sorry for the long post.
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    Nice range report. I'm jealous that you have made your own range at home.

    Your report sounds about par for the course around here. $200 under the keltec saves a lot of money for ammo.;)

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    Update on issue with the magazine not wanting to seat properly when fully loaded with 10 rounds.

    I shot my 995 again yesterday afternoon and found that the magazine works perfectly if I used Remington 115 gr FMJ ammo. If I used FedArm TPMJ RN 115 gr the mag requires quite a bit of force to fully seat the magazine.

    Anyone know if this will "loosen" up over time. I've only shot about 200 rds thru the carbine at this point.

    Thanks in advance.