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I took three guns to the range today...first time for my JHP-45...the other two were a Sig and HK 45.

I was shooting off a rest at 20 yds. All of the mags were "mix & matched" with Corbon DPX, Glaser Blue, and Extreme Shock Air Freedom rounds. This is not a good mix under any conditions...heavy "standard" rounds mixed with very light-high velocity rounds!

Results of 10 rounds: The Sig had a small group, but four rounds
not touching. The Hi-Point and HK were all touching...as you would expect from a $2,000 + HK. Too my surprise, my Hi-Point equaled the HK. I'm sure at a longer shoot the HK would excel over the Hi-Point...maybe next time I will try it.

Sig: Two "stovepipes"
HK: One FTF (failure to feed)

I'm impressed...really impressed with my Hi-Point.

I must add that I did an extensive "Fluff & Buff" on my Hi-Point (as well as the Sig and HK). On all three I did the standard "Sniper" bore seasoning...Kroil and JB after every 3 rounds, as well as on the Hi-Point polishing the recoil spring and mag springs (including the inside of the mags) with JB.

I have to add: I have owned 2 JHPs, and do own a RIA 1911. I shot 230gr FMJs through all of them.
First JHP: I bought, never fired, and gave to my dad. Second one, I did shoot, and had issues (mainly feed ramp and Feed lip issues) I corrected the problems with that one, and felt bad that pops had a "untested" firearm, so I convinced him to trade me back (same load out: pistol, and two extra mags)
This "second" JHP, only had a few FTFs initially (I shot a mag, then let others try it: limpwristing heaven: I get it back, proceed to blast away) , and last time I shot it: functioned fine.
As far as my RIA: I DID have issues with different types of magazines. Now, I only shoot it with magazines that I know that will work with it: untill I get set up to reload, wont retry those old magazines till then.

But in summation, I think you did good: sounded like you were not doing the typical "Limpwristing attutude" with all 3, and got honest results: Goodonya!

(PS: I need to find that one video offa youtube, that directly discusses how to hold a pistol to shoot)
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