range report on the 45 and the 9mm

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  1. Not really a true range report. I set up on the back 40 and shot a couple of clips thru both guns. The .45 (and Me) were a little left and low, I'm gonna shoot it a time or two more before I get to adjusting ! The 9 (and Me) was all around, but I did get a couple in the heart and a few more close. Here's some pics.

    The .45

    and the 9
  2. How far away were the targets? Just curious

  3. roughly

    18 to 20 yards.
  4. Not bad at all, as far as I am concerned.
  5. Yupper I would'nt stand in for one of those targets lol. That is all that matters..... Atleast to me.

    Good shooting