***Range Report*** Taurus PT24/7 9mm Standard

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by Dagwood, Oct 18, 2015.

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    I took this to the indoor range the day after I bought it. I had done a quick cleaning the night I brought it home. It really was pretty clean.
    I shot 30 rds of perfecta 115gr fmj's thru it and I had several fail to fire's.
    This gun is a SA/DA but even so, several rds just didn't strike and I had to eject them.
    I bought a box of federal white box 115gr fmj's from the range and they seemed to fire much more reliably. Still had 2 ftf's out of 50.
    Cleaned the gun thoroughly, including the firing pin channel. Took it out today, and put 22 rds of perfecta through it with not one hitch. That's all I brought with me, and we are leaving out of town today (Vegas Baby) so thats all my wife would let me do. Lol.
    But, It seems like a good cleaning was all that was required. Great little Pistol.
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    shhhh watch what you say if people start reading that stuff they will stop selling me guns that don't work.