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    :D A lot of fun at the range today with the JHP .45! Only one problem, the mag fell out about half-way through a series of rapid shots. I have small hands, so I don't think I hit the mag release by mistake. Maybe I didn't seat the mag firmly enough. Any other thoughts?

    :) My first time at the range with the C9. Not as much fun as the .45, but no problems.

    :p I gotta say that the .45 makes it to the head of the class for accuracy, power, and satisfaction. The expense of the those fat little sausages going down range is the only drawback to a complete day of satisfaction. The .357/.38 and 9mm were khol 8) , but the .45 is tops!! :lol:

    :?: Now, can I get a show of hands for a Hi-Point .45 carbine?

    ps Any prize for using the most Emoticons? :wink:
  2. Unless it happens again, I would look at the mag coming out as your not having the mag seated in the pistol good.

    Glad to hear you had a great time, its always fun to get out and shoot, isn't it?

    Can we call you the King of Emoticons? ;)

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    Thanks for the response


    :!: This is the last time I use these *#**@ things.

    Re the dropped mag: I guess I gotta use a little more force.

    Any day on the range is better than most any day anywhere else.

    Hmmm, gotta go get some more ammo. Later
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    Dude, you aren't even CLOSE to the record to using the most emoticons... Mr. Merriweather owns that one hands down. Welcome to the forum!!!
  5. Reloading the .45's could save you some $$$ on ammo. If you do a lot of shooting the dies and press will eventually pay for themselves. Plus you can experiment with projectile, powder charge combos to find one that works best in your gun.

    Just my $.02 worth!
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    Didn't Mr. Merriweather also use the most "quotes" in his posts, too? :lol:

    Welcome to the forum. Glad you had a good time at the range.
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    I have to agree, reloading will cut the costs down a lot. If you save your brass and use lead bullets, you can reload 1000 rounds for around 50-60 bucks. I haven't tried lead bullets in my HP yet so I don't know how well they will feed, when I try, I'll write up a report here.
  8. When I was a teenager we used to even cast our own bullets, we mixed plumber's lead (which you can't find anymore) and wheel weights we got from the local gas stations (back when they used to do minor repairs and sell tires)(I guess I just dated myself didn't I?). We used to load .38 specials to go plinking with in our .357 magnums with. We could almost shoot as cheap as our .22's cost wise, not figuring anything for our time. I guess that kept us out of trouble as we were reloading ammunition for the next weekend while the others at school were out getting into trouble.

    You can however find some deals on jacketed bullets at some of the gun shows if you buy in bulk, so you wouldn't have to shoot lead bullets necessarily. I don't know what the cost on just the bullets would be at places like Gander Mtn. but I never buy much there anyway. Maybe clay birds when they're on sale and shotgun shells on sale or targets and cleaning items. I did get a good deal on a used shotgun there once but that's a rare ocurrence. I don't know if the bullets would be available online or if they can ship to an individual or not. I never checked into it before but you might want to try sometime.