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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by Papabear6714, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Papabear6714

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    Shot some more lead through my c9 today. When I shot it no fail to feed issues but my son shot it and every time he shot it he had a fail to feed next tound. He is only 11 so he was limp wristing. More times I shoot this gun the more I fall in love with it. It's nothing fancy but damn it gets the job done. Now to work on my accuracy.
  2. PapaMAS

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    Cool! Glad to hear you had a good time with it.

  3. planosteve

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    Isn't it great when you get a low priced product that works well. Glad you had a good time.
  4. undeRGRound

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    Almost makes me wish I had not sold my 2 C9s...
    Almost ;)
    I replaced them with the Browning Hi-Power and a S&W 457
    9mm and 45 ACP :D

    I did ask the guys who bought them, and they had no troubles
    whatsoever! No FTF FTE or any jams... I'd say the C9 is darn
    near perfect these days, quite reliable and a great value! My
    LGS #2 (#1 for HPs) had to raise the C9 prices, but the JCP
    and JHP remained the same. They are all $139 now, 9-40-45 :eek: