Range Reports, Ruger Charger, SAM 1911

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    The Ruger Charger is the most accurate .22 I have ever fired.
    I ran 50 from a Federal bulk pack and 50 Remington thunderbolts through it. (crap ammo IMHO).
    No problems whatsoever!
    I slapped a Simmons 3-9x32 scope on it, did a quick laser boresight and off I went.
    I used a factory magazine, a 25 hi cap Butler Creek and a 30 round Butler Creek "Star" setup magazine.(3 -10 shot mags hooked together in a Tri-star). All mags worked great!
    Below is the target with 100 shots fired. I did not attempt to sight it in to zero as I am putting a different sight on it soon, real soon.
    I just put the X in the crosshairs and fired away.
    Nice tight group @ 35 feet.
    This thing really IS a tack driver!

    The SAM 1911 is the first 1911 I have ever owned or fired. I had no expectations at all.
    The weapon looks and feels very well built, with the exception of the magazine. It looks "flimsy" compared to the rest of the gun. I thought for sure I would have a problem with the mag.
    NOPE, No problems at all. Shot well, shoots to the left and needs to be sighted in but I think IT can shoot better than I can.
    I put 25 S&B 230 GR. FMJ brass and 25 Blazer 230 GR. FMJ alloy, through this brand new gun, at 35 feet.
    The Blazer seemed to have a mind of it's own while the S&B seemed to go more where I wanted them to.
    Below is the target with 50 holes in it. In the upper right of the target are 2 groups, of 7 each, of the different ammo for comparison.

    That is all for today.
    Uncle Rob
  2. Looks pretty good. Especialy the charger. Im really excited about that gun. Sounds like hours of cheap plinking fun.

  3. Just out of curiosity, what did the Charger cost you OTD.
  4. Mordecai

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    I can get similar results to the charger with my $65 marlin model 60 shooting the bulk federal 550round box from walmart.......But damn nice shooting, lol, i just don't like the gun itself, lol, but to each his own, congrats on your new acquisition and fine shooting.
  5. I will have a Charger, no question about it. But I'm not sure 35 feet is a very good test for a .22 caliber. I know it isn't a full length rifle but there is no reason it can't shoot accurately at 50 yards, properly sighted in, I know you intend to do that later. At ten yards with a .22 you should not only be able to castrate a fly, but choose what side to remove first, lol.

    Thanks for the report. I'm jealous you have a Charger already. I too am curious what the OTD set back was. Keep the feed back coming too please.
  6. unclerob

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    Took off the old silver simmons 10/22 scope and installed a dot sight.
    I will try and get out to shoot it tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
    Anyway, It looks much nicer now.
  7. Space

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    Pretty cool.

    I got a SAM Elite 1911 a month ago. ~400 rounds so far and zero failures of any kind. I think I need another one.

    Can you shoot the Charger single handed without the tripod? (i.e. can it be used as a real pistol)
  8. Langford

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    Nice groups!

    I have hit a few stores looking for a charger, still no luck. Most stores say they are sold within 2 hours of them getting a shipment. Oh well, I just started my next 10/22 project which I am converting to a .17HM2....so I'm in no big rush to get the charger now.