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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have been calling around looking for a hi-point dealer and everywhere I call says that they don't sell high point. :evil: I have also been looking into shooting ranges and is it normal practice to have to buy there ammo and not be allowed to bring your own. Last time I went to a range friends brought there own ammo.
  2. French Creek Outfitters near Philly sells them - they may even ship to you / sell since you are in PA. http://www.frenchcreekoutfitters.com/

    Most ranges I've been too let you bring your ammo - I belong to a club too, so no issues there.

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    As far as ammo some do and some dont.It just seems to me that if I have to buy thier ammo they are just soaking me for more $.If you can go somewhere else do it but if not I guess you gotta go with the flow :(
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    Knight, what part of Pittsburgh? I shoot at a great place in Plum Boro. Cheap yearly dues, and bring ur own ammo. 5 short ranges, from 25 to 50 yards, and a 100,200,300 yard range. Plus trap, plus an indoor range.24 hours a day, just go IN and shoot. No range master.Just be safe. PM me if you are close. Oh yea, 40 acres to deer hunt on!