Range to sight in your pistol?

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  1. As you all know, I'm a newb. I want to know what range I should sight in my C9 for. I was thinking 30 feet, then I could see where the bullets go at shorter and longer ranges and use kentucky windage for those shots.
  2. Steve if you bought the gun for home/self defense, sight it in for what you figure will be your most likely range that it would be used.

    If you bought it to plink with, you already have it figured out

  3. Agree - My carry guns / HD guns are sighted in for 25 ft - as that's the "longest" shot in my house and anything closer really doesn't need sighted in.

    I fell into the "trap" of not understanding my objectives. I wanted to be able to hit 25 yds with my carry guns...... then thought, what the heck, if I've got 25 yards, I ought to be running or hiding. Folks here helped me to think about this and be more comfortable sighting in and practicing close up.
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    for me this all depends on your opinion of point shooting.... i have my .45 sighted in at 25 yards so i have the confindence to make longer shots where the sights will play a big roll in accuracy as compared to up close and personal work where point shooting will be a factor. and even when the sights are used at close range they are still close enough to score hits.
  5. well Steve as someone who went to the range to site in my C9 I did it for 25ft at the advice of RO as that is the most likely distance you will have to engage someone at
  6. I sight my self defense pistols in at 12 yards and do most all my shooting from 5 to 20 yards.
  7. I sight all of my pistols in at 25 feet and practice with thm enought to be able to make the appropriate visual adjustment if it comes up.
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    It is a C9 sight it in at 25 yards Then you are good for anything under that. That way if for some crazy reason if you have to shoot across a street or across some store you are good. You will still be on if you have to shoot at something shorter.

    I train at 10-25 yards and little at 7 yards.
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    remember the 21 feet rule though, if you sight it in at 25 feet, if you have to draw from a holster you better hope they are within the 22-25 foot range, or they will be on you before you can fire. If you are already drawn then not much of a problem (more an issue for CC than HD).
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    I use the South Carolina codes too determine my sighting distance.South Carolina basically has a 20-25 foot "rule". If a person is around that distance and is threatening,you have every right to use lethal force.You can at further distances too but this is just the general reference point.With that,I sighted my C9 for around 23 or so feet.
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    It really doesn`t matter that much as long as the distance isn`t real long.
    The difference in bullet impact point will be small from point blank to well byond 50 yds.

    I believe it is more important to become very confident with your firearm at fighting distances. Your reflexes, instincts and training are going to be more important in a fight than exatcly what distance is used for sight in.
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    I sight in at about 10yds (30 feet)... If i can group them all in a diamond (about the size of a playing card turned on a corner) then its sufficient... Then i practice fom anywhere from 3yds to 25 yds at drawing and 2 quick center of mass shots before taking a quick step or 2 back and going for a pinpoint (simulate head) shot... Provided i am the only one at the pistol range.. Ill turn and start quick walking and then turn draw find COM and pop 2... Then stepping sideways or back or angular do the pinpoint shot... I have ran close to 1K rounds through my C9 this way to where from draw to COM is almost instand acquisition.. I may need to move side to side a little touch or up and down a bit but in all reality if it happend this way in a fight i could rpetty much draw and shoot... Practice makes perfect
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    I like the practice technique.I may have too practice that myself.