Range trip 1, with pics!

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  1. Okay, so I received my new c9 last night around 7 or 8, and promised that I would hit the range today to work her out. Here's the result. Keep in mind, I've been shooting for less than 3 months - about 10 trips to the range with various pistols.

    Apologies in advance for all the pics...

    The target afterwards


    40 rounds, 30', right hand one-handed (that hole outside the circle was from when I folded the target over later)


    40 rounds, 21' left hand one-handed


    21 rounds, 10', two-handed


    40 rounds, 30', two-handed

    21 rounds, 30', two-handed


    40 rounds, 21', two-handed


    I shot 202 rounds of WWB from Wal-Mart over a period of about an hour. I shot sorta slowish with a traditional two handed grip, and did some one-handed shooting with both hands. My impressions are that the gun has recoil properties similar to a Glock 19, and better than the G26. Also, the sights, while needing a bit of tweaking, were pretty good right out of the box. I didn't do anything to the c9 before shooting other than removing the sticker on the grip. I noticed afterwards that the residue on my hands and the front of the gun were noticeably less than every other gun I've shot.



    So how did the gun perform, you ask? Well, there were 2 failures to feed (FTF? or is that failure to fire? I'm a newb!), one in the 4th magazine, the other in the 12th. I noticed on one the bullet was slightly nose down, while the other was slightly nose sideways. Slight pressure on the rear of the slide gave enough impetus to load the rounds, so no problem.

    All in all, I love it! It performed how I was led to believe it would by all of you here, so I think I got my hands on a good pistol. I look forward to getting to know this little girl in the near future. I promise to keep up a range log to track any issues, and I like to take pics, but I won't post too many more...if I can help myself! :D

    I have to admit that I got "the look" from the range guys at Davi's - you know, that look that says "Hi Point? Really? What a hunk o' junk!" :evil: I made a point afterwards to tell them how great everything was, but I'm sure it failed to impress them at all. Ah well, they don't need to be happy, I do.

    And I am! Sweeeet!
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    Good shooting! They do shoot straight....

  3. Compare the groupings and you have the answer. American Rifleman this month reviewed a Kel-Tec 9mm, a gun ranging $350-$400, and grouped 4.5"-6" at 25 yds.

    I'd say the "ugly, cheap" pistol did very good.

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  4. With end results like that, you can't argue with a Hi-Point C9. Great shooting!
  5. Awesome groups with so little trigger experience! Well done! Glad you're on our side. That WWB does shoot rather dirty. The 9mm isn't nearly as bad as the .45ACP. That stuff totally sooted up the front 2 inches of my JHP.
  6. Lot's of bullets and lots of pics!!!! Great post and congrats on the new toy.
  7. FYI, I posted this over on the Carolina Shooters Forum site, and it's being pretty well received. A few calls of ugly, but we knew that already, and also a few folks saying "well I keep hearing good things about them...how much are they again?" Heh, maybe some of those diehard haters are starting to mellow!

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    pretty good you can see how much the two handed grip tightens your groupings.
  9. Steve M
    Thanks for the range report. Also thanks for the effort over at that LEO site.
    Mr SNS