Range trip 2, NO PICS!!

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  1. So I went over to a different range the other day to shoot some more with my new C9. Fired off another 201 rounds (total of 403) and suffered one more failure to feed, this time from a severely nose-up position. Ah well, that makes it 3 failures to feed in 403 rounds (0.74% failure rate), all with WWB, not the Blazer Brass I was also shooting. I figure I am still within that mythical "breaking-in" period, but polishing the feed ramp is looking more and more tempting. Judging from the wear on the barrel, I may also polish that while I'm at it. We shall see...

    Oh, this range allows rapid fire, so I got to do a bunch of that for a change. Definitely spreads out the groupings, but the hits are still there, nothing where it wouldn't hit a bad guy. In fact, my measurements show that the furthest shots from center were no more than 5" away, so that's not too bad. Distance to target was 30' all day.

    Now I need to make a few decisions. I have spent a bunch of money on purchases lately (first the C9, then a 995 less than a week later) so I need to slow things down a bit. I feel like I neeeeed more mags for both guns, probably 2 each to start with, and if I get those, I'll need an UpLULA loader. Right? But I also want a red dot, and a bipod, and I'd love to get a shroud... Aargh! Well, typing this out, it seems like I've got my list laid out in order, so I'll go with it. Just need to space out the buying!

    BTW, still love my C9! And I can't wait to receive my new 995!
  2. Dont forget a tigger :wink:

  3. Oh, yeah, I'll probably be getting 2 keychains! ;) One for the C9, one for the 995.
  4. Oh yeah, keychains... thats what I meant.