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  1. This was a fun drill. The target exploded too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry just thought it was a cool video to post..lol
  2. Scriz

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    Nice, only if you had ketchup packets hangin behind it. BLEED ***** BLEED!

    This ends my reply.


    This is my 69th post by the way. hoorah. :roll:

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  3. Here is the target close up. There IS some foul language in this video. Dont ckick it if you dont like to hear that type of talk...

  4. Damn good shootin man... I wish I had a range like that around here !!
  5. Stryker1, I NEED ONE OF THOSE SLINGS!!!!

    Dude, you frickin' ROCK! Great shooting.

    I have 24 more days here and I'll be home and taking about a week of leave. We'll have to hit up the range when I get back.
  6. Hell yeah. I can get you one of the slings on my way out to see ya....
  7. Cool clips!!! Wish I had a range like that in the back yard!!!!!!!!!!!