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  1. I am SICK and tired of people dogging guns when they jam. You know WHY they jam? CAUSE YOU DON'T TAKE CARE OF IT!!! Granted there are some gun that really don't work well, and some of the problems have to do with crappy mags, but this rant isn't about that. I hear of people dogging great guns all the time about how they suck and always jam on them. All these people are at work, and they are all stupid, thug gangsta wanna bes who don't know crap about weapons. Well, one day, a guy asks me if I wanna go to the range with them. Usually I would say something like, I have no ammo, and don't have the money to buy any or something like that. But I was going to go to the range anyways so I said sure, why not. Well, we were at the range, and the guys sigma kept jamming. He kept cussing at the gun. So I decide to take a look at it. I load about half a clip and shoot it. It jams like almost every other shot. So I take the slide off and look at it. Ohhhh.......my.....god....... This thing was just gunked up, with....ugh. I asked him, how often do you clean it. He said. "I have to clean it?" That is just enough to send someone on a fit. So here you are all you "oh this gun sucks cause it jams" CLEAN YOUR FREAKING GUNS! /rant
    Sorry for the randomness. I just needed to get it off my chest. I have been thinking about this idiot and his gun for a couple weeks. Just can't get those words out of my head. "I need to clean it?" UGH!
  2. I work with a MASSIVE gun snob, who likes to point out that he will never buy a Hi-Point because he picked one up in a Pawn shop and a part fell out. a couple of us tried once to point out that the own didn't take care of it and broke it, that doesn't make HP a crap gun.

    I'm with you why is it always the gun? I've only been shooting for a bit over a year and my first question is always "OK, what did I do wrong?"

    If a gun is cared for odds are it will work well, if it treated badly not so much. Seems like common sense to me

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    That's simply not true. I take extremely good care of all of my guns, and I still get occasional jams. My XD has NEVER jammed, neither has my Remington 870, but they're both sitting at less than 500 rounds. Will them jam eventually? Probably. But it's more likely to be a case of bad ammunition, than anything else.

    Sigmas aren't really renowned for their reliability. Clean or not. Glocks, XDs, and others will go for THOUSANDS of rounds without a cleaning, without a single malfunction. There IS a difference. How do you know that the gun is anymore reliable when it's clean?

    Guess he should have bought a Glock... :lol: A gun that isn't reliable when dirty, just isn't reliable. In the real world, guns get dirty.

    Just about any gun will jam at some point, and most do. But they should be a rare occurrence. I used to think like you, and believe that my Hi-Point was on par with any other gun out there. It works most of the time. But it jams way more than it should. I blamed it on poorly adjusted mags, and didn't count them as "issues" because "it wasn't the gun's fault". And anybody who said my Hi-Point wasn't as reliable as another gun, was just a "gun snob".

    Got my XD last month, and I've fired around 500 rounds without a SINGLE issue. That's counting mag issues, stovepipes, NOTHING. Guess I'm a gun snob now too... Still like shooting my Hi-Points though.
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    Those same "snobs" like to have a "name" to bandy about, furthering their purchase and acceptance with others.
    Happens in guns, cars, guitars (hey, that rhymed) and probably baseball bats as well.

    Honestly, I ignore them: They "set" on their ways, and think to open up to a newer, fresh idea will totally discredit them: Let them be who they are.

    The only way is to show them why you chose what you chose. End Rant.
  5. Are you kidding? I love to sit and watch people rant and rave to inanimate objects like the object is listening. Guns, computers, cars, you name it. I think it's better than Comedy Central!! :lol: :lol:
  6. You guys are missing out on something here. When that person is fed up with their gun jamming all the time due to being dirty offer to buy it from them and you can get a great deal on a "piece of crap" gun that just needs a little lovin'
  7. This darn oil light has been on in my car for the last week driving back and forth to work, not to mention it's been running rough lately..........do I need to check the oil (level)? :shock:
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    Sorry to bust your bubble, but both my Sigmas are approaching a thousand rounds through each without a hiccup. Maybe I just got lucky and got great pistols.

    Yes I clean them after I've gone shooting. However, there have been a couple of times when they weren't cleaned after running about 200 rounds through them. They sat like that for almost 2 months before I took them to the range again. Ran another 200 rounds through them without a hitch.

    These are the VE models of the pistols. Maybe Smith & Wesson engineered the problems out of the original pistols.

    I'll put my Sigmas up against any pistol were reliability is concerned. 8) 8) 8)
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    Being a gun snob works both ways.
  10. I agree totally. My friend likes to go into gun stores and act like he has no clue just so he can hear some of the crap people will try to push on you. He had a guy recently saying how much of a piece of shite 1911's are because he had a kimber that jammed. No matter how idiot proof we make things, they'll just keep making better idiots.
  11. I love that, lbreevesii would you mind if I used that in my sig in another forum?
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