Rapid Fire of Mosin M44

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  1. Jokey

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    I've made a clip to demonstrate rapid fire of a Mosin.

    My wife got tired of seeing other women and some men groping with their Mosins, even holding the stocks in their bellies or between their knees while attempting reloading proficiency.

    This petite redhead gets off a round every two seconds without moving the weapon.

  2. 1inthechamber

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    Interesting that she sacrificed her flower pot to demonstrate some fine shooting. ;)

  3. She must have been trained by a lil ole Russian immigrant from WW2 era. :) Nice clip.
  4. Ari

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    Here is the Enfield in the Mad Minute . These are aimed shots not just spit out there

  5. Jokey

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    Aimed shots, of course.

    She hit the steel target that she was aiming at.

    Not sure what your point was about using an Enfield rather than a Mosin.

    The point of the video was to show that a Mosin is capable of more rapid fire without moving from the firing positon. Something that is not apparent in internet video lore.

    Of course in this day and age bolt action weapons are NOT as effective as a high capacity self loading weapon in a combat situation.
  6. Remember not all bolts cycle as well as yours. There's times where it takes a good thumb to get that bolt open.
  7. Taurus is exactly right. With a properly adjusted headspace, the Mosin is a sweet lil bolt action rifle. With one thats even a few degrees out of adjustment, you're gonna be fighting that damn thing just to get the bolt closed on a new round, or open after you've fired one off. Good stuff in the video guys, keep it up.
  8. Jokey

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    sticky bolt action

    This weapon would stick on almost every round until several hours of cleaning particularly the chamber. It is amazing how sticky they get when they sit. We use alternate treatments of Hoppes 9, gun oil and black powder water based cleaners. We tried ammonia based cleaners but they were very hard on the blued surfaces. Pouring hot water down the barrels was tried but was too messy.

    Certainly we are not experts at cleaning but it is amazing that once you think it is clean you can switch to another solvent and the cycle of Copper, cosmoline and powder components start coming out.

    If you have a Mosin, you need to buy the jumbo bag of bore swabs and have lots of elbow grease available.

    If it sticks I would start with a couple of hours of chamber cleaning. Of course if the bolt is not matched to the chamber then that should be addressed. Sometimes changing ammo brands if using surplus helps. I think that Brass casing is more forgiving than Steel but both shoot good and they shoot very strong.

    This Mosin will shoot through 9-1/16" steel plates at close range. It is just the run of the mill short rifle. Some wear in the bore But has matched bolt/chamber. It has crude machining on it with the hi wall port and no dog collar reinforcements on the the stock. Was made in the middle of the war.

  9. Ari

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    Re: Aimed shots, of course.

    I stand corrected! And she did it left handed...
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    As for cleaning the M44 pictured, when first purchased, it looked as though it had zero rifling. I was afraid I'd bought a lemon. The first cleaning was over three hours of swabbing away at it as jokey described. After about two hours I began to see more defined rifling marks and knew there was hope. It's taken several intense cleaning sessions to define the lands. I can't believe how abused and neglected this fine old rifle was. The bore and the accuracy improve with every round of shooting and every subsequent cleaning.

    As for the bolt. When first chambered and triggered, it was a royal pain, and I'm putting that nicely. I had to literally pound on it with the ball of my hand to get it to cooperate with me. Jokey tore it down, cleaned and polished it for me and the improvement was remarkable. Even fully loaded, it chambers sweeeet and I have hands weakened by rheumatic arthralgia and tendonitis so if it wasn't easy on my hands I wouldn't be shooting it.

    The biggest problems with these old rifles is that they are neglected. You have to be willing to spend some time, effort and elbow grease to make them into the weapon you want them to be.

    Is it worth the effort? You bet it is.
  11. How true gunzerhausen. I bought a beautiful Mosin online that looked like a smoothbore when I got it and I was really bummed out.

    I thought oh well, may as well clean the bore and started scrubbing with a copper brush and Hoppes number 9, and started to see faint rifiling.

    This is the truth, I swear, I took my cordless drill and put it on the brass cleaning rod, and completely wore out 3 new copper brushes and had to recharge the battery twice., but ended up with probably 95 percent rifling with very mild pitting

    Probably took me 5 hours total and a lot of pushing and pulling but to me it was worth it to save that barrel.