Rather interesting IZHMASH video showing manufacturing plant

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  1. It's about 8 minutes long and shows some cool footage of historical guns from Russia. It's worth a smoke break. :)

  2. Interesting. Thanks for posting it.

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    I want one, and I can't find one. Everywhere I go, they're out. Suxx
  4. You can find them, keep looking. Check the online gun auctions, but dont pay some of the outrageous prices some of them fools are asking for them.

    For an unconverted S12 I would not go much over 500 max for a new one.

    I payed 475 for mine last fall on gunbroker, then shipping and 20 ffl fee.

    It is worth it.
  5. It explained to me why the Saigas look so much like an AK. I'd love one or several of each, lol. How cool would it be to tour that factory? For that matter, any gun factory! :)
  6. I saw a pic of a Saiga .410 shotty that looked almost exactly like a Draganov sniper rifle with blonde wood. Beautiful gun, but not for export over here.

    They do make some sweet weapons

    After all, like they said, the inventor of the AK works at the factory!
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    I had to watch that several times, to honor my 7.62x39 Saiga that is awaiting patiently a conversion to AK-103 status.