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  1. When we think of survival we think of a lot of things , but we also forget about some small items that could make a big difference in our long term survival . I'm sure that we have the small rat traps put up in out gear for our home and out buildings.( The large ones are also good for catching birds.) Here is a couple of sites that will give some info on rats and some ways of getting rid of them.




  2. My preferred method:

    "He uses candy as a bait and when a mouse starts to nibble, Havermeyer would turn on a bright light so that the animal would freeze. He would wait for the mouse's eyes to fall on his, and then he would laugh and pull the trigger showering mouse all over the tent." :wink:

    "There's a catch in there somewhere..." :roll:

    It'll be interesting to see where you get the most replies :arrow:


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    While they talk about hte rats and dieases actually it's the fleas ON the rats that cause disease. But I'm impartal KILL them all!!
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    I actually have never seen a wild rat. Only mice, and the store bought feeder rats for my python. Maybe I just am not good enough to see them or maybe there are no wild rats in my area.
  5. Or maybe that Python has been getting out at night when you're asleep and gorging himself on the local rat population. :D
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    rats are the only legitimate reason to own an air gun.

    You will also need garlic and hot sauce.
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    unless the rats live dresser drawers. That is where the python ends up when it escapes.

    Mice however are a real problem during the winter and anything on the ground is libel to be chewed to bits. Have not had much luck with traps, cats or poison.

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    AH YES The super duper ninja type mice who avoid traps, cats, and decon is like a dessert to them! You need the heavy duty stuff!!

    Get every one out of the house. Mix some gas and diesel in a 5 gallon can, spread it around add flame. PRESTO! No more mice!

    [Void where prohibited by law and insurances :wink: ]
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    Obviously you don't live where Squirrels and Rabbits can be a problem and can't be dispatched in the normal manner (i.e. within the city limits).

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    Pan fried with butter and herbs is good use for them.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. My hairless rat named Blazer was my favorite pet but he has passed away.
  13. we used to blast rats with our airguns on my uncles farm .good practice and we got paid to shoot :twisted:
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    I had a hairless rat but i left the heat on too high one time. Poor little guy. :(
  15. I have never eaten a rat, but I used to dine on squirrels-- not much difference really-- except squirrels are cute and have more meat--

    Don't relish the thought of eating rats, but it would beat starving... Just make sure you cook them well--

    Maybe in a stew wouldn't be too bad...

  16. [​IMG]

    Next time you have dinner at a Chinese buffet remember the image above, but you really need to check out the rest of the site....


    My wife got the above in an e-mail from her cousin about a year or so back, needless to say she has not ate Chinese food since.
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