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    Well, in a way, it does make perfect sense. They are small, cheap and easy to hide. Side pocket, under a wallet, even a shirt pocket - so a natural in some areas. Also Easy to stash around the house AND there's still ammo available. Goes around, comes around. Not the best defense gun, but beats the hoolies out of a sharp stick or harsh words.
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    Yeah, maybe. In my area used LCPs and Kel-Tecs are as common as mud and .380 is the one adult caliber you CAN find (along with 40 S&W), that must not be the case everywhere if the Raven is regaining popularity as a "go to" for pocket carry. That said, I guess it's crossed my mind once or twice when I was in a hurry to get out the door and one of my Ravens was within reach. I think the safety design, more than anything, would be my major hold up to carry. .25 ACP and .22 LR are both adequate for a "run into the store to grab milk" caliber... I'm no snob in that regard.
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    Around here, .380 is just as out as 9mm is. It's making me seriously consider reloading for it. But then I'd have to buy dies and bullets (or at least dies; there are some data for using heavy bullets for 380).

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I think it was a week or so ago, I was watching a very nice Raven on GB and it went for $170!!!!! That is crazy!!!!!

    I just checked ammo prices last night, 380 and 9mm are over 60 cents a round if you can find them. 25 and 32 is still under 40 cents and many places under 35 cents.
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    We have one them, and it's a great little shooter.
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