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Rds. Nose down in mag.

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As the title states my rounds are going nose down in the mag after the 4th round is loaded. Is there a solution or should I call the mother for a new mag?
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Modify the magazine feed lips. I know the pic below says 995 carbine, but my C9 looked just like the Stock.

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What is the best way to make the radius and bend the lips?
After closer inspection of my mag. I think it is alot older than most. It does not have the front set of lips. Only the rear.
Called Beemiller today, turns out my C-9 is pretty old and somehow still has the original magazine. They told me to send it in and they would replace it with the new style mag. After I receive my new mag I will fire a few rounds and make adjustment as pictured above. Thanks for the illustration
most of teh new mags dont need the adjustment. mine worked right out the box 100%

I got a C-9 a month or so ago and ordered two 10 round mags from Hi-Point. The stock 8 round mag feeds flawlessly. Both of the two BRAND NEW 10 round mags cause mis-feeds... every frickin' time. I haven't shot it in about three weeks, but IIRC, it jammed up prolly 3 times easily in each full 10 round mag. I ran over a hundred rounds through it to that day.

Will this mod fix this you think? Not sure why Hi-Point sells mags that are basically junk. :mad:
i know this is about hi points but i am having similar problems with a beretta m 70 new puma i have.
i just opened the lips at the rear of the magazine and it seems to have solved my feeding problems. i will go fire it as soon as i get my pants on.
This could explain somethings. When I first got my c9(comp) it failed to feed at least twice every mag. I only had the one mag I got with the gun though. I recently got new mags and have only had one jam since(Probably on the old mag).
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