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Re: "A" series Carbine

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First off I would like to say that I'm a new member to your forum and I am extremely impressed with the wealth of information you guys have. Thanks for that. I recently acquired my 995 classic through trade and I intend to upgrade to an ATI stock and other goodies when I can. I am assuming (and we all know what happens when this occurs :-[) that the first run "A" series would have an "A" in the serial number, as mine does. My question is this, will it make the upgrade to the ATI stock more difficult? Aside from a pin I read about in another "A" series thread? The 995 in question is in great condition, and was obtained from a knowledgeable and trusted gun owner. Thanx again for your time, keep up the good work.
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I have upgraded to the ATI stock and the aftermarket trigger offered by mold99 on ebay with my old "A" series 995. I did have to mod the bolt closeout piece as it was hitting the bolt when cycling the gun. other than that everything bolted right up no problem.
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