Real Flash hider and Fake muzzle brake

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  1. The Real one:

    I have a AAC Flash hider that came on my ar-10 .308 that has a whole 5 rounds through it. I put a link below to show you what it looks like but it's not the one for sale. This one is threaded for 5/8x24 Right hand (common 30 cal thread). The outside of the flash hider is also threaded for easy suppressor attachment.

    Price: 65 bucks shipped

    The Fake one:

    This is a old style Matrix/action Tank muzzle Brake. This is Only For "AIRSOFT" guns so if you put it on a real one and blow yourself up I don't want to hear about it. This is a threaded brake unlike the new clamp on ones this is the old style more like the real thing threads are 14x1 left hand pretty sure all airsoft guns use that thread.

  2. I should also add that the fake one has a set screw hole. So u could probably drill out the airsoft threads and slip it on a 995 clamp on style.

  3. Dane

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    Does the flash hider require the tool for installation?


  4. Nope but I forgot to update it the the AAC flash hider is sold.
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    Someone painted your Monopoly house black.