Real world 995TS accuracy

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by jmeier1981, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Sorry if this is a double post I tried to make a thread a minute ago and it looks like it didn't work.
    But long story short I bought my first Hi-Point recently, a 995TS after shooting some friends. All the 995s I've shot up until now have been open sight guns and I hate open sights so I went ahead and got an aftermarket aluminum top rail, Burris PEPR scope mount and a Millet DMS-2 1-6x scope. I got everything put together and loctited up and shot it today using some of a buddys 115g handloads and some blazer brass 115g. I shot it at 25yds in a leadsled and was pretty disappointed... I didnt actually measure any of the groups but the best 5 shot group could barely be covered with a 4" circle. Ive got some 124g blazer brass and 124g Fiocchi on order that Ill try later. I guess my questions is this just par for the course accuracy or could something be wrong or is there anything else I can do to improve it??? To be completely honest I can shoot my little Ruger LCP.380 with Crimson Trace grips as good at the same distance with a good rest and thats just crazy to me. Maybe Im expecting too much but I figured at a mere 25yds out of a leadsled I should be able to cover a 5 shot group with a half dollar.
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    They are tack drivers with iron sights!

    And welcome to the forum!

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    Did you try it with the factory sights before you changed everything?
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    Nope... today was the first time its been shot.
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    Mines not the most accurate toy in the box, but shoots fairly well. It's about 4moa, 2 inches at 50 yards.

    And you really shouldn't shoot your friends :eek:
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    My 4595 with a red dot is minute of zombie at 50 yds. Good enough for me.
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    Your results are not typical at all. greg_r has pretty typical results.

    My guess is you have some thing not right in the set up of those add on items.
    I have not heard of a new 995TS shooting that poorly at 25 yards.

    Ammo type and brand can make a difference. Mine just do seem to be a bit better with good 124gr bullets. However, that's not what is going on here.
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    My guess is youre right if this isn't normal accuracy. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I've seen pics online what people say are sub 1" groups at 50yds but you really nerve know... I might be new to Hi-Points but nowhere near new to guns in general and the takedown and addition of new parts is pretty simple and straight forward so even though its brand new Im going to put my money on a bad scope. Ill wait and try the heavier ammo and if that doesnt straighten anything out Ill try a laser on the top rail and I suppose if it groups better with a laser at the same range it has to be the scope. The rail and scope mount is tight and I lapped the mount rings before I mounted the scope so hopefully its as easy as warranty work on the scope and back in business.
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    NE Utah
    Once in a great while, HP has put out a gun that shoots bad. One I heard of on the forum here had a bent barrel!

    But they will fix it, if it is bad.

    But don't assume it's bad on one ammo. Sounds like you know that, so after you get the other ammo in it, you can decide if it needs help or if you just need to avoid your buddy's ammo.:p

    My 995 shoots very well with Wolf, but a commercial reload I tried looks like a shotgun pattern, 3-5 inches higher than the nice Wolf groups.:rolleyes:

    Also...I never bolt anything to a gun until it has proven it shoots.;)
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    new 995 accuracy

    I just bought my new 995 yesterday and took it to an indoor range this morning. right out of the box it is dead nuts on, at least at 65 feet which is the extent of this range. all hits were within 3-4 inches of each other which is pretty good for me 'cause I'm no marksman!I put about 50 rounds through it from the 3 factory magazines that came with it and only had one ftf(the very first round) but other than that it was flawless. great fun to shoot, looking forward to getting to the outdoor range this weekend where I can see how well it does at 25,50, and 100 yards. fwiw, this rifle draws quite a bit of attention from other shooters. most have never seen one before but all remarked that it seemed to perform very well, especially when you tell them that it only cost about $300.
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    Im too blind for easy shooting with iron sights, but with a $20 red dot on my 995ts, I was hitting a 2" group at 25 yards. With some proper glass, I could probably drive nails at 50-75
  12. 650mark

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    would a "red dot" help my 66 year old eyes more easily acquire a target in low light situations? the iron sights on the rifle are very easy to see/use when there's plenty of ambient light but inside the indoor range it's pretty dark and hard for me to see. thanks for the info.
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    At 50 yards with the factory sights, I've done 6 rounds inside a two inch circle. The further out, that circle tends to get a lot larger but that's to be expected. I've engaged targets at 200meters, and gotten constant hits within the "Kill Zone", but at that distance the hits tend to be all over that area.
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    For many people, yes. But it requires a little bit different method of aiming, more similar to some methods of "point shooting" or shot-gun aiming if you prefer, than traditional iron sights.

    Once the dot has been properly zeroed, the shooter will keep both eyes open, mount the firearm to firing position, and focus on the target. The dominant eye will gaze through the lens/barrel of the red dot sight, and the glowing dot will hover over top of the point of impact. Visually, the effect is not dissimilar to that of a laser sight. To the shooter the red dot is "on" the point of impact, but is only visible to the shooter, not to the entire world. Again, both eyes are open and instead of focusing on the front sight and having the target & rear sights blurry, the focus is on the target, which makes the system mesh very well with the way the human brain & eyes work during adrenal dump.

    Peace favor your sword,
  15. 650mark

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    thanks kirk, good info for me. think i'll get a red dot unit and try it out.
  16. lklawson

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    The quality of various red dot sights can vary wildly. The three biggest factors which can be affected are:
    1. Parallax
    2. Size and Shape of the Dot
    3. Durability

    I'm assuming here that the reader doesn't know a whole lot about red dot sights, please understand that I'm not trying to act as if you're an idiot, just trying to be thorough.

    Parallax is an effect in which when the viewer moves his eye position, the apparent point of impact changes slightly. All Red Dot Sights suffer from some degree of parallax. The more expensive, "better quality," ones will typically have less than some less expensive alternatives. Depending on the expected distance to target, the comparatively greater parallax of less expensive red dot sights may be inconsequential. At 25 yards, most parallax is comparatively minor.

    Ideally the actual red, glowing, dot will be small (or adjustable in both brightness and apparent size), a very well defined circle, and have very distinct edges. Some of the less expensive red dot sights can have indistinct, blob-like, dots which may be too large for accurate sighting at certain distances. Again, the closer the target, the less important this becomes.

    As far as quality, the watch word has always been "you get what you pay for." However, improvements in technology, manufacturing methods, and (honestly) cheaper labor from imports, can sometimes mean that a reasonable quality product can be had for fewer dollars. Also the platform being used can affect what is acceptable quality. A cheap red dot sight might perform flawlessly for thousands of rounds on a .22LR or a pistol caliber carbine but if mounted on a 12ga. shotgun or some heavy recoiling firearm might shake the thing to pieces.

    There are other concerns, of course, but those are the high points.

    I've known of some people who went out and bought a cheap red dot with no intention of using it long term but only to see if they like it and can make it work for them. Then, once they decided, the replaced the cheapo with an expensive "high quality" model.

    Good luck. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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  17. I put a red/green dot on my 995ts and after 3 adjustments at 65 ft i was able to remove the bulls eye from my targets 3 different ones i would try to adjust it don't give up they are great guns
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    3rd time out with my new 995TS Factory Iron sights at 25 Yards in indoor range using 115 Federal American Eagle rounds. Really enjoy shooting the 995TS can only get better with more rounds


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  19. 995TS 50 Yards

    The target below is 35 shots from 50 yards using a bipod. Six of the hits in the lower left were sighting in shots . . . .


    20 shots freehand at 50 yards . . . .



    I've since taken the bipod off and moved the AFG forward. It works better for home defense.
  20. Mediocre_Bob

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    Nice work. What kind of optics on your rifle?