Realistic 995 range?

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    Ive seen most threads about this and understand that it has been discussed to some degree, but I wanted clarification. If you zeroed the sights at a medium to long distance (75-100 yards), so that you were always within a few inches between 0 and 100yds, how much further could you still hit a torso when aiming at COM or perhaps between the collar bones? 125 yards? 150 yards? I have seen hints that they can pretty consistantly hit a 200 yard target if sighted for it, but what about just for general use? Is it realistic for a 995 to be used as a 0-150yd SHTF weapon?

    Just from a rough calculation with an online calculator, it sounds like at 1200 ft/s, zeroed at 75 yards, the bullet would hit 9" below target at 125 yards, and 17" below at 150 yards. At if it was zeroed at 100yds instead of 75, those drops change to 5" and 12", respectively. So, not terrible, and still probably more accurate than Id be able to match, especially with a RedDot scope.

    With that said, what is a reasonable muzzle velocity of standard bullets out of a 995? Not talking about +++P+++ and such, just regular old stockpile-type rounds.

    Also, does anyone know a formula or general rule of thumb for estimating 9mm (or .40SW or .45ACP) velocities in a 16" barrel when the pistol velocity is given? This is for calculating trajectories.
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    Now THAT'S a good question... I'm gonna be reading up on this one... I've allways been interested in ballistics... really cool stuff


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    I have shot mine at the 200 yard mark. I would have no problem using it at the 150 yard mark during a SHTF. I will have to work up some groups with a few weights of bullets at 150 and 200 yard ranges and see. I wont have time to do that though tell Aug.
  4. I'll be interested in seeing some info on this myself. I just got my 995 so I'll be taking it to the range very soon.
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    As a general rule of thumb, a bullet will benifit from an increase in velocity by 50fps for each inch of the barrel.

    So, if WWB chronos at 1050fps out of a 4" barrel, a 16" barrel (12") increase could theotretically be pushing 1650fps. Now mind you this all goes into a perfect calculation not taking into account the projectile weight, bearing surface or ballistic coeffecient. Also the advantage of the longer barrel drops off as you near 18" and is a falling off curve. It is a rule of thumb calculation, but will atleast give you an idea of where you might be in terms of velocity. Here is a table showing the change in velocity of a .44 magnum in a barrel from 1" to 18".

    As to sighting in the 9mm cartridge. The 9mm luger is a relatively flat shooting round. I sighted mine in at 25 yards as i'm generally going to be using it for close in shots for IDPA competition.

    At 7 yards it will produce a ragged hole 3" low POA
    At 15 yards it will produce a 2" group 1" low POA
    At 25 yards it will produce a 3" group at POA.
    At 50 yards it will produce a 5" group at POA.
    At 75 yards it will produce a 6" group 1" low POA
    At 100 yards it will produce a 7" group at 3" low POA

    This was all with WWB 115gr. FMJ target rounds.

    Now, as I said, the 9mm luger is a relatively flat shooting round to about 100 yards, past that and you will begin to get significant drop off. I'm currently working up some loads for the 995 to see the effect of a lighter 115gr. round versus a heavier 147gr. at longer (75-100 yard) distances. Also trying a few light weight 115gr., hotter rounds (approaching +P but not quite) velocities. 100 yards is the longest range I have at my disposal at the moment.

    As to the long range ability of the 9mm round. I think it would be effective out to 200 yards. Given you will be aiming signficantly high and lobbing the round to the target. Accuracy shouldn't change much as the stability of the 9mm round is good even through lower velocities. Anyone got a 200 yard range I can borrow?? :wink:
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    Yep come on up here to Washington. At my range we can shoot 300, across the river we can shoot 600, within 2 hours we can shoot 1k :D
  7. Sorry to get OT here, but can anyone provide data similar to the above for the 4095?

    As I own 2 of them I am very interested in knowing basically what it can and cannot do.

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    I don't know about effective, but we have video of us Arizona guys at the range ringing "The Gong" (aka a steel plate set at about 40 foot elevation from our point) at 300 yards with my 995!! Granted I only hit it twice (But ElGuapo says it might of been 3 times. Can't hear jack with my ears on) and I'm sure velocity was reduced, but we got it there!
  9. Neo how high did you have to aim at that distance?
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    I was shooting at (by my best estimates) about 1 foot to 18 inches above center mass of target by sight. I only landed 2 out of 10 rounds on a target that I have to estimate was a 4'x6' or 4'x8' steel plate. This was unaided by red dot or optical scope and with fixed iron sights.
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    I know by experiance the one you have Waltham will tear up the range at 150YRDS no probs. At 200 I was hitting regularly. Dont remember how High I had to aim.

    The man sized target had holes at the lower stomach to the upper chest.
    this was WWB rom wally world.

    Never shot it pasft the 200yrds ever, to lazy to walk that disftance. It was much more accurate then another range goers 995 at the lofnger 150 -200 yrds. However Cost o ammo and what I want rom it

    well you know the details o Why I traded :p:)

    I beleive the heavier Grain rds helps keep on target agfainst the wind.

    As to the reach out and touch ability I bet there close to even, Just the wind throughing the round o course is my guess.
  12. Its sad to say that we have not even had that carbine out to shoot yet. Things have been so darn busy. But I am sure it will do great at the 100 yd range. The wife has decided she wants to leave the iron sights on it.
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    I shot my 4095 from 100 yards at a 10"x12" steel plate, from the prone position. I aimed dead center and hit it 10 out of 10. Of course I have no way of knowing where my hits were on the plate, but I could hear it go "ding" every single time. This was with an Aimpoint red dot.
  14. This is some cool info.
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    at 200 my 40 dropped about 8-10 inches. Don't remember what grain bullet I was using that day. If I have a chance this weekend I'll get out and give it a whirl.
  16. I can consistantly hit a paper plate at 100 yards with my 995 carbine w/ a BSA Red Dot scope. Good enough for me!
  17. with some range time, this could be interesting..
  18. Excellent info, guys! Thanks !!
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    I currently have mine (995) sited in with my Yukon night vision scope for 125 yrds and it hits within a .5 inch of the center every time.
  20. 300 yards at a bucket.

    4x shotgun scope. It helps if the dirt is dry so you can see where the bullets hit. Or if someone is there spotting for you. It also helps greatly, if there isn't a 20 mph cross wind on the range...

    I was able to hit more consistently after I figured out where to hold to compensate for the cross wind. 6-7 out of 10 hits. Those that didn't hit were usually close enough they would make movement difficult.

    Hit rate at 300 yards with a C9 goes down, but isn't impossible... You put the top of the rear sight even with the bottom of the front sight. Then place the top of the front sight on the target at 200 yards. At 300 yards with a cross wind, you have to adjust it a little.