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Realistic 995 Range?

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I am trying to figure out the useful range of a 995 carbine when you can only set it once and not touch it again, and where to zero it at to get the most effective use out of it.

Using a watered-down online calculator (many external values set to 0 or otherwise standard values), I found that with the sights zeroed at 100yds, a 115gr bullet at 1200ft/s MV will be 5" low at 125 yards and 12" low at 150 yards. Its max height above LOS will be around 3.2" at 66yds, which is quite reasonable especially for a Red-Dot sight.

I found this to be the most logical zero point. Zeroing at 75 yards only saves you about 1.5" as far as bullet-rise goes, but you lose about 5" at 150 yards, so I don't think the trade-off is worth it. Also, velocity drops to about 925ft/s by 150 yards so beyond that you might find some penetration issues if you tried to zero it any further than 100 with hopes of getting some more range.

My question to you guys is simply if this sounds accurate?

Also, how do those muzzle velocities sound for standard ammo?

Hopefully I can get into reloading sometime this summer and get those velocities up around 1500ft/s, then 175 yards would still be quite realistic (11" drop, zeroed at 125 yards), hehe.
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I heard the range is around 100 yards/meters or so...which is what would you expect out of a 16.5" barrel.
Im putting holes in paper 100yds out...
Zeroed where? That is what I am trying to figure out. Ive read that people are shootng 200 yards, but zeroed at any reasonable distance puts the bullet at least a couple feet below the target at that distance, so Id imagine they are zeroing it at a much further distance.

But, does that sound good to zero it at 100 yards so I can potentially hit out to 150yds? Or is that much more unlikely in most natural conditions?
This is just my opinion, but I zero'ed my 995 at 100 yds using a red dot. Seemed like a good overall range to shoot for.
Ok thanks. About how far out can you reasonably shoot when zeroed at 100?
Cant tell you that, my range goes only to 100 yds.

I suppose it would depend on how good you are about properly aiming to compensate for bullet drop.

I would hazzard a guess that 150 yds would not be out of the question.
I have shot mine to 200 yards I used a b-25 target and kept them all inside the size of a mans torso.
I have shot mine to 200 yards I used a b-25 target and kept them all inside the size of a mans torso.
Where did you zero it at and from that zero, how hard was it to compensate (aim above the target) for the extra distance?

Also, what is a B-25 target?
I zero mine in at 25 yards, from the prone position, aiming dead center of the X ring on a B27 target. From 25 to 100 it is spot on, no compensation. This is the same way we zero our AR's for the department. I use an Aimpoint M2 red dot and everything is center on the X ring.
I am just trying to figure out how capable it is as a primary weapon and only long gun.
At my local range we were hitting the 150 meter and 200 meter quit well I might add. The 4095 was more acurate though.

And I think that if it were a persoon they would be very unhappy or more likely dead.

I would not be affraid to use it at those raanges. Just shoot it to get to know it well. Did have to aim hi and we werent looking like studs but the target was being hit in the torso section.
I would think a 75 yard center would be a reasonable distance for the 9MM pistol cartridge. Anything over that I would choose a rifle cartridge. This is a pistol cartridge and intended for that purpose only. This is also a close range weapon cartridge and not intended for hunting. I also don't think it's lawful to shoot (unless your in battle) anyone in self defense over about 7 yards.
Judging by the penetration of these .380ACP rounds (95gr) at <800 ft/s, a 115gr 9mm (smaller yet more massive) should easily do more than enough damage to be effective at these distances. Even at 200 yards a WWB bullet would only drop from about 1300ft/s to about 900ft/s.


As far as self defense goes: If I am even considering taking aimed shots at any of the distances I am talking about, it is very likely that law has gone quite far out the window, heh.

But, it is for that exact reason that I don't think Id really need a rifle to replace the 995, since it is very unlikely Id actually need to shoot at any of these distances.
The rifle would be good for shooting game if things ever go bad and we all have to feed ourselves.

Shotgun is the best weapon for close up self defense as far as a long weapon goes IMO
I think the 995 would be effective on most small game even up to 100 yards, and the .22 my GF has could be used to get smaller game at closer ranges.

Also, hopefully in the next couple weeks my GF and I will make a trip to a friend's property (400 acres) to see how we can do at these longer distances. Thanks!
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