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  1. i after short time of being a proud gun owner and officially became one of those "gun freak" in the eyes of my friend. finally realize something. one of the best quality of Hi Point was its lifetime warranty(the real deal). and for awhile i don't like list this quality on the reason why i like HP. because all those HP trash talkers out there like to point out "My HK, Sig, s&w, kimber, beretta...etc, never have to go back to factory. because, it's made of hi quality stuff." True enough, some of those name above are made by higher quality factory and are lesser prone to have lemon/malfunction firearm. i don't think HP are the best quality firearm out there. HOWEVER, i feel save or less worry to put my money on any HP than those name above, because of their warranty.

    let say, for every 10 HP firearm there will be 1 lemon. that's 10% chance getting the BAD firearm. which is unbelievable, and no one should relied their life on these kind of odd. and let say, for every 1000 (kimber, sig, hk, beretta, glock...etc.) there will be 1 lemon. that's 0.1% chance getting the BAD firearm. which is really good.

    Now, there is no reason for anyone buy a firearm, WITHOUT test and practice and think when the danger come they can whip it out and defend their life with it. therefore, when testing/practicing your firearm you will be able to know if you are the 10% of those unlucky folks who got a lemon. and you should call HP and get the problem resolve. the worst case, HP need to replace you and new firearm. you put yourself back on the yet another 10% chance of getting the BAD firearm. But now is your SECOND time, therefore the chance for you to get another lemon is 0.01%. test again, BAD, sent it back, now it's 0.001%....etc.

    you CANNOT tell me the lifetime warranty don't mean anything to you. if you do, you are an idiot. and i agree this theory is not idiot proof. there are idiots out there decide to carry a gun base on 10 shots of practice. or someone who bought a gun from shop and leave it on the night stand without test fire.

    for them, maybe it is better to buy expensive firearm and pray for the odds.

  2. Just add one thing. I just read somewhere that HP has one the lowest return rates of any gun manufacturer. Wow! Now that is something.
  3. I think that Hi-Point guns are not made from lower quality materials but they are of a simpler design. Fewer parts to fail = easier to service.

    I wonder how many expensive guns sit in box stashed away because they have failed to consistently operate. They have no warranty and will cost as much as a new gun to fix. It is a situation that, if it happened to me, I would not announce.

    There is no way to know if Glock, et al, makes 1 lemon out of every 10 or 100 or 1000 or 10000.

    Just like there is no way to know if Hi-Point makes 1 lemon out of every 10 or 100 or 1000 or 10000.

    From anecdotal evidence, I would say Hi-Point is closer to 1 lemon out of every 2000 or 3000.
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    Honestly the lifetime warranty didn't mean anything to me. The $120 price did though. If it breaks, just go get another one.....or two. Never had an issue with either of them (C9 and 995) with about 1000 rounds through them.

    I can blow nearly that much taking the wife to dinner and a movie.

    I wouldn't think that the failure rate of the Hi-Point would be much different than one from any other manufacturer. No company could stay in business with a 10% return rate. It needs to be down in the 0.1% range.
  5. Any thing with that good of support is a good idea. A company doesn't set out to lose money so they must believe in the design to stand behind them like they do!!! I am sooo in love with my HI POINT!!! My girl friend is getting jealous so I might have to leave her so I can spend more quality time with my guns!!!!! NO BYACHIN, JUST BANGING! Does life get any better?
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    If my wife didn't like my guns or got jealous I would have to replace her with a new hi-point. I think my guns are getting jealous that I can't spend more time with them. :evil:
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    I simply sent an e-mail saying I needed a firing pin for my 995. One week after the request Mrs Deeb sent an e-mail asking if I had received my part yet. I had not yet received it but had a personnel follow-up from the company. Where else do you get that kind of customer service?
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    You can't get that type service anywhere else. That is one of the things that makes Hi-Point so great. Colt or Glock will not do it.
  9. I would not be surprised if they dont know some of us by name.. Most big companies, you are just a number to them.
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    Part of the reason "a lot" of HP firearms get sent back is because part of their target market is new shooters. They don't recommend disassembly for cleaning....etc. So some HP owners will send their guns back for services that other companies would laugh at. I don't know any other company that will clean your gun, or overhaul it when it isn't broken. So a sizeable portion of returns are for things that have nothing to do with a broken firearm.
  11. One of the reasons I own HP's and Taurus'. Full lifetime warrantee. Can't beat'em!!!
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    Taurus sure as hell don't have the customer svc as HP. I am about to trade my wifes Taurus (Baretta Knock off) for a frickin sling shot. So far that would be better than what she has.
  13. My 4095 needed a new firing pin,so i called 5 days later it came.What more can you say?