really big gun shooting clays

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  2. Thats awesome it never gets old seeing that clip lol...

  3. New one to me! Cool Find!
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    Looks alot like the prop gun from tremors 4. They're technically not a DD becuase they're blackpowder. Ive never seen one for sale anywhere-i wouldnt mind owning one.

  5. Group buy for a discount!
  6. i will take 2 wonder if i can get a ccw for that?? :shock: :shock:
  7. Now, that's just the kind of thing I don't need to see. Seeing that makes me think how good that'd look in the back window of truck, and how big a truck would have to be to put one of those in the back window... and how awesome such a truck would be to drive....and how much better a job I would have to have to afford to drive a truck of that size....and my mind just goes downhill from there. :eek: :)
  8. Fascinating gun. I remember reading about them, they were used on the front of boats in the river to shoot at birds. I think the boats were called Punts hence the name.
  9. I think I read that too bobotech, wasnt the purpose to put it in the boat and catch a flock in the water and shoot them before they could take off?

    Not sporting, but they were used to gather birds, not be sporting