Really how bad is dry firing??? pt-22

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  1. shelbyzman

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    My pt-22 is dao and you have to either count how many shots you have fired or you dry fire.
    I know this is how the little kel-tecs are and most pocket pistols.
    How bad is dry firing these???
    Can any long lasting effects or problems come from dry firing?
  2. Yes. The firing pin will self destruct if you dry fire the PT22 too much. How much is too much? Once or 100, who knows?

  3. Ridge

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    ^^^This message brought to you by the ammo makers of America.
  4. In general, dry-firing rim-fire firearms is a bad idea, as the firing pin hits the breech and one or the other, depending on their relative metallic composition, will suffer greatly. There are a few rim-fires that have cut-outs in the breech to accommodate dry-firing, but they're rare.

    But that raises another question: in what way does dry firing harm center-fire weapons? I've always heard the "never do it" mantra, but in what way are center-fire firearms hurt by this? Does the primer offer a cushion before the firing pin hits home? Some other explanation?

    Curious minds want to know!
  5. Most centerfire weapons have spring cushioned firing pins, and if or when you dry fire that weapon, the firing pin spring is going to take the brunt of the pressure exerted by the hammer/sear assembly when it impacts the firing pin.

    I am not suggesting that anyone dry fire their weapons, I don't do it and won't do it if I can help it. On a .22 caliber, I NEVER dry fire one of those, you're only asking for trouble.
  6. The SKS and AK style weapons do not have a spring for the firing pin and free float. I personally will not dry fire them and think that it could cause trouble down the road.
  7. Everything I have heard from Kel Tec about dry fire is DON'T DO IT. There is something about their pistols that makes it especially unwise, and hence why you should look at the gun closely before purchasing even a new Kel Tec, because if the gun store owner has let 900 other people dry fire the gun before you decided to buy it, the firing pin could be ready to break at any point......get snap caps before you ever practice dry firing any Kel Tec model of pistol.
  8. Ari

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    Wont hurt them at all! Both the SKS and the AK are made to be dry fired.
  9. I dont take chances. I cant get a spare firing pin for my Romak 3 down at my local Guns R Us ;)
  10. I dont know about a .22 but I was told my a few police officers and a gunsmith that dry firing a gun wont hurt it. They said a mere dry fire is nothin compared to the explosive power and energy that take place when the gun is fired. They said the firing pin takes much more abuse when firing the bullet then it could possibly dry firing. But I'm not an expert I just try and take advice from experienced shooters and pick and choose what info I think is the best.
  11. My post was from experience, not opinion. 22 pistols in general and the PT22 especially should not be dryfired any more than absolutely necessary. Now THAT is an opinion derived from experience.
  12. I tend to err on the side of caution in everything except dynamite. 2 sticks always works better than 1 ;)
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    NO most Rimfires should not be dry fired.... Like some one else said some have a cut out so you can but most don't. P-22 is a no no.
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    thanks for the info guys....I knew it wasn't good to dry fire, I just didn't know how big of a deal it was. It is kind of a pain to have to count shots while trying to aim at the same time. But I guess thats what I will have to do with my PT-22
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    Don't dry fire a CZ-52 either. The firing pins a brittle and break easily.
  16. I bought a spare for mine just to be on the safe side. I do not know where it is on the net, but there was a page where a guy took broken firing pins for CZ52s and fixed them himself. He showed how to do it in pics, really remarkable
  17. I wouldn't trust a "repaired" firing pin for any gun. That's just asking for problems.
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    XD needs to be dry fired to take it down And is said to not harm it. The SKS well not worried about that. As for every thing else I will error on the safe side.

    Well then there is the Hi-Point I must have dry fired it a thousand times and so far it is fine( Knocks on wood), That is the C9 I dont dry fire the 4095.
  19. Primal you had to see how this guy did it, it was probably more sturdy than the original firing pin. If I had happened to have a broken one laying around I think I would have sent it to him to have it repaired.

    If I remember correctly one of his repaired pins had been shot several thousand times with no problems.

    He used silver solder to weld the new part to the broken part, I am not familiar with how strong it is so I can not attest to that part of the repair