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    First I am computer illiterate and keyboard impaired so you may get a laugh at some of my post. Will a A R sight work with my front sight I can drill and tap the front sight it to lower it if needed. I would like to keep the sight radius as long as I can. I have found a few A R sight with a v notch in them. On a side note I pick up some ZQI red box 123 grain FMJ at Wal mart for $9.00 a box. Ten shot avg 1359fps with a spread of 47fps Groups were good. This is 159fps faster than Remington umc 115 grain fmj Thanks Little dog
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    Nope. HP rear sights are lower than AR15 rear sights.

    You would have to raise the front HP sight significantly rather than lowering it.

  3. Or, what about putting a riser under the ar rear sight? I had to put .375 riser under my scope rings to get it high enough. So couldn't you put a.250 or.312 riser under the ar sight?
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    That would make the problem even worse. The AR rear sight is already taller than a HP rear sight.
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    I tried to sight in a AR Carry handle on a TS model last year with NO success. I do have a matching Carry Handle & a front sight on a ATI stock with the full length top rail. I have only shot it about 25 yrds with 1 mag, 10rds at 3" group.

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    Good Q, (I was wondering too) thanx for the answer MN_D!
    ...and thanx for speaking human, youse two doggies :D

    Isn't the front sight adjustable? But not enough?
    Seems this has been done before... Maybe why I came up with the 45* sights and scope combo for myself (when I do it) ;)