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    Hello all, I just joined the forum.
    Just picked up a hi point 995 for a good price, but it has a little problem with inserting the magazines. It looks like a part that is light colored metal that guides the magazine in the rear of the grip well is chipped off or worn. From the manual exploded view it just calls it the receiver. What is the name of this part so I can get one, and any tricks to removing it from the receiver? It's the piece to the south in the picture.

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  2. Delbert

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    If it's the white piece at the bottom, it looks to be the Magazine Safety Bar. It prevents the rifle from being fired, even if round is in chamber, unless a Magazine is inserted and locked in place.

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    Hi-point customer service said it was a counter weight?
    I hope so, good service so far and they are sending the part and instructions for changing it out, all for free. From the dealings with them so far I'm sure they will send out a different part, if its the wrong one from my description. I want to tune this thing to feed, if needed, after an initial range trip. I can see myself getting a new c9 if all goes well.
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    Be forewarned, the C9 seems to be the model with the most mag issues.... Now mine has been darn near perfect, but don't be surprised if the mags need a slight tweak.