Recent gun thefts!

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    First one is from a NRA event:

    Second is from a gun store in Houston Texas. A smash and grab by a bunch of losers.:

    From first one: LINK

    The video above shows how some tricky gun thieves made off with a prototype SBR from the Precision Firearms booth at the NRA’s Great America Outdoor Show last month in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

    According to reports from local media, the 9mm rifle with a “custom-shortened barrel and 30-round magazine was the only one of its kind.” It was stolen on Saturday, Feb. 6, around 1:30 p.m.

    In the video, you can watch as the trio of thieves walk up to the booth and pull their shenanigans.

    Essentially, it breaks down as follows, two guys walk up to the booth, one guy picks up the gun and backs off, the other guy stands in front of him, shielding him from the workers in the booth. The guy with the gun pulls out a book or magazine to further obstruct the gun in his hands.

    Then, the woman walks up with the bag, and the guy with the gun drops it into the bag. The woman leaves the area, followed by the other two crooks.

    A photo of the stolen firearm. (Photo: Precision Firearms)
    A photo of the stolen firearm. (Photo: Precision Firearms)
    The model number of the stolen gun is PF15F and the serial number is F150153.

    Police gave the following description of the suspects, according to

    The first suspect was described as a white heavyset, tall man wearing a black baseball hat, green t-shirt, black sweatshirt and black sneakers.

    The second suspect was described as a white man of average height with a medium build wearing a black and white ball cap, dark colored jacket, blue jeans, brown boots and carrying a black and yellow bag and black backpack.

    The female suspect was described as white, with a medium to heavy build, average height, with short blond hair wearing a grey sweatshirt, dark colored pants, brown boots and carrying a dark colored backpack.

    If you see this firearm when you’re out and about, or if any of those losers in the video look familiar, you can contact Pennsylvania Capitol Police at 717-787-3816.

    From second one: Link 2

    The ATF has arrested three suspects in a fast, coordinated burglary at a Houston gun store that emptied a wall of rifles and a display case of guns. Police report as many as 10 people were part of the crew.

    According to local news sources, many of the guns have already been recovered, but that authorities have not shared how many, and the total number of stolen guns is still unknown. The crew stole more guns than they could carry, dropping firearms on the floor as they made their way out.

    The local police and the ATF estimate that as many as seven or more thieves remain at large, and that they got away with at least 50 firearms. The crew worked quickly to carry out as many firearms as possible before the police could respond.

    The store was burglarized in the early morning. The crew chained the shop’s burglary bars to a truck to pull them down. The entire heist took about two minutes.


    Surveillance video shows the crew working quickly, with a choreographed plan that focused on specific parts of the shop. Everyone involved wore concealing clothes and masks throughout the burglary.

    They first smashed open the windows, pulled out the door then charged straight for the firearms. They used hammers to break open the main windows and display cases. After the initial escape, the crew swapped vehicles, leaving the crime truck about a block from the scene.

    “It takes a lot of nerve to do that,” said Jerry Wilson, who works next door, to ABC News.

    Police are still searching for the remaining suspects and have asked that anyone with knowledge about the break-in step up and contact the Houston Crime Stoppers. Tips can are kept anonymously and any tips that lead to arrests can be rewarded up to $5,000. For more information visit
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    Local gun store has had 3 car smash through the doors thefts. They put up steel posts so the crooks used a jacked up 4wd stolen truck to bend it off and then smash the doors. He has finally put some K rail concrete barriers up that have posts driven in 6 feet to stop them from being moved.

    All 3 thefts were done by an Asian street gang from Minneapolis.

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    OOOOH! :rofl:
    Time for on site security personnel IMO
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    :foilhat: I would not be surprised if these were carried out by :foilhat:
    :foilhat: some of the same rabble-rousers that were imported :foilhat:
    :foilhat: for "operations" like Ferguson and other political ops :foilhat: