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    I just cleaned my c9 yesterday and when I took the slide off, the recoil spring popped out. The question I have is does the recoil spring guide rod belong up at the front of the gun or the back. It was attacehd to the spring when it popped out, so I don't know. The diagram of all of the C9 parts shows it up front, but I didn't know if that was right. I just recently saw a picture of a Sig where it was behind the spring. Thanks in advance!
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    Deja Vu??? Place the rod into the spring, rod end points away from the grip.

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    thanks, didn't know where to post this topic.
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    Watch out for those flying gun parts, trust me when I say they don't feel good in the eye!
  5. I did the same thing when I first got my JCP 40 and just assumed that the rod would go on the end protruding from the frame. fortunately I was right,... this time!!! My JCP 40 was my first pistol and proved to be a great learning pistol. Even now, after having shot many difrent makes and calabers, I still love my Hi-Point 40.