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    I'm pondering what to get for my older years as I increase in years-gone-by. Feel pretty confident that -like many "old" guys I know, I won't be interested in a lot of kick at 80. Asked an old timer about 45 vs 40 in a 1911 platform and was surprised to hear that the 40 had a "sharper" kick than the 45. For those out there that have tried both: Does the same hold true for the HiPoint pistols? I'm liking my 45 HP... Can't project me to 80 yet, but sooner or later I may get there.
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    It's a bit sharper, but I don't think it's more pounds of recoil, really, I think it's just quicker.

    I'd love to see a real test, though.:)

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    Definitely "sharper" and I'd bet it is a bit higher as well.
    More ft/# down range equals more ft/# recoil, generally.
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    Agreed, but two points...typical commercial ammo is pretty similar in ft/# between the two, and the .40 gets more of it from velocity...I'm not sure how that translates into felt or real recoil ft/#.

    I DO know that my little sub compact .40s sting after a few mags, though.:p

    But, it's like comparing a fast slap, to a powerful punch...they are different, in feel and effect.

    That's why I'd love to see an actual measurement.:)
  5. I too have heard that the 40 S&W is a lot snappier with more felt recoil than 45 ACP. Can't really prove it on my side; my old Ruger P94 in 40 is a tank and felt recoil on it is minimal. A heads up side-by-side comparison of a JCP and a JHP would be ideal. So who's gonna do it? :)
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    Big difference in recoil between the 40 and 45. Shot the 40 in Kahr, S&W Shield, Glock and S&W SDVE. The 45 in a 1911, Kahr, Taurus 845, Taurus Millennium, JHP, and the 1917.

    The 45 is milder across them all. I can shoot them comfortably, not so the 40. The 40 could leave my wrists hurting for a couple of days. The Kahr 45 is especially soft shooting. I traded my last 40 last year.
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    I've done it a couple of times, as recently as 2 weeks ago. My impression is that the 40 is more snappy than the 45. It is hard to judge actual recoil without some sort of test fixture but I could shoot a lot more rounds of 45 in comfort than I could with 40. As a note to my "tests" my 40 rounds used in these comparisons are a tad hotter than normal commercial ammo and the 45 was closer to commercial. That alone could be the difference.
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    I can guarantee recoil will become a factor when you grow old. Your hands and wrists will let you know.
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    The powder being used can change felt recoil. I stopped using Blue Dot because it scares me towards the hot end of a work up. I never did see any signs of over pressure, but in 357 and 45 when the loads got hot there was a dramatic increase in recoil from what I perceive as normal to very sharp with accompaning increase in blast and report. And it happens suddenly, the previous lower charge is fine, then the next is WOW! WTF!

    Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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    I'm old but not as old as you. I fidn that 9mm works best for me.
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    I have both - a JHP 45 and JCP 40 and with all of the factory FMJ loads I've shot, the 45 is softer. It's also crazy accurate (!)