Recommended ammo for the J-22 / J.A.-22 pistol

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  1. Included with my last parts order from Jimenez was a list of recommended ammo for the J.A.-22 pistol as follows:


    22LR: 40 gr FMJ (Full metal jacket) / HP (Hollow point)
    -CCI Stinger
    -CCI Mini mags
    -Federal Target Load
    -Federal Game Shock
    -Winchester Super X
    -Ball or Round nose / Brass Casing

    Personally, I have NEVER gotten CCI Stingers to work in a J-22/JA-22. YMMV.
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    That’s interesting since that gun is closely related to ,but not the same as , the Phoenix HP-22A and they specifically recommend subsonic ammunition due to frame cracking.
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    Just watched a YouTube video about a youngster shooting a wide variety of different velocity .22LR's through his HP-22A.
    He called them by name and velocity.
    stated the manual calls for standard velocity only.

    Makes me wonder why anyone would go against the manual.

  4. Related in heritage only, not in design. Subsonic will not cycle very well in a J-22, it needs some ummph to git 'er done!
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    I watched a youtube video of a guy shooting a small .22 auto with different kinds of ammo, into ballistic gell. Nothing expanded at all, including Stingers. I don't remember what gun he had. He probably voided his warranty. :rolleyes:
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    I don't know why but, I want one of the Little Phoenix's.
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  7. Aside from all the lawyer safeties and the subsonic ammo, the Phoenix HP22 is a very nice little gun. It feels good in your hand too.
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  8. There are a number of utoob vids that demonstrate how to circumvent the mag safety. Of course that WILL void the warranty. The subsonic ammo recomendation is just that, a RECOMMENDATION. You can use it without voiding any warranty coverage. Of course, don't be surprised when the Zamak cracks.
  9. When I modded my HP-22 safety the 1st time, I cut the mag disconnect safety. Then I realized just sticking something under the mag disconnect would do the trick just as well.

    Regardless of using subsonic or HV ammo, if the frame cracks, you will discover that you will bear the cost of shipping to Phoenix and related FFL fees for the new pistol that get returned to you. Depending on how much your FFL charges you for a transfer, that can really add up. My Mom & Pop FFL in mAssachu$hitz rarely charged me, and the others gave me a break on multiple transfers. However here in FloRiDuh it's $25 a pop; I'm still hoping to find a local FFL that'll give me a discount on multiple transfers.
  10. I think I paid $120 NIB for my HP22. If the frame cracks I'll throw it in the lake and go buy a new one. :)
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  11. Strip all the parts off it, sell 'em on Gunbroker or fleabay and apply the proceeds to your new purchase!
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  12. ...better idea.
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    I bought the Rangemaster kit several years ago.
    I have switched barrels several times, first the 5", then the 3" and back again.

    Interestingly enough, I am more accurate with the shorter barrel. It fits the holster better, too.
    And, inside a pocket with a pocket holster, is nearly invisible.
    Very pleasing to shoot.

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    I bought a Hp22 with a 5" barrel, I ordered the 3" barrel and find I am more accurate with it also
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  15. I took a 5" barrel from an HP22 and turned it down to fit into a J-22.
    It didn't help accuracy either.

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    :cheers:Looks good though.
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    Put a fake silencer on it and go all James Bond-ish.
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  18. Fixed that for you
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    I’ve gotta Bryco j-22.. haven’t shot much and don’t remember what ammo I used but it’s always functional..also got two hp22s one modded & one stock, 2x both barrels and all the diff little mags and crap...both work great ,never cleaned modded besides quick barrel brush and still no problem,will take dirty and dry next time I go shoot and update later
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    J22 is built like a tank compared to the HP22 peace of garbage. The guns been out for over 20 years and still cracks frames.... JUNK! Its also overley complicated to the point you would think an ex german hack engineer from H&K designed it.

    If you want a really good reliable J22 just get yourself a J25. They are head and shoulders above the J22 in the reliability department and are not nearly as ammo sensative due to the vast superiority that is ... 25acp.....BOOOOOOOOOM.
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