Reconfigured my gun safe to free up some room - Pics

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    Well, this idea freed up some additional room for my long guns but I lost some shelf space. Well at least now I'll have room for my next two purchases, a Kel Tec Sub2000 and a Glock 17 8) with plenty of hi cap mags 8). I decided to hang most of my pistols from the door, I removed the door panel and the backing of the board (made of thick cardboard like material) was a piece of 3/4 inch drywall (measured 14 x 44 inches). I cut out a piece of 1/2 MDF and replaced the drywall, then I pre-drilled the locations I wanted hooks and screwed in some brass hooks. It did not free up as much room as I thought it would but enough for a few more purchases 8).

    [​IMG] 8)
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    Good job! I like it.
    I also have some black velvet "stickers" (size: 5/8" x 2") that are nice, about as thick as a credit card, and really soft. If you are interested in having some to put on your brass hooks, PM me with where to ship and how many. (as you might add more hooks later)

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    Oh damn. I have some catching up to do on the firearm department.
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    holy crap. what else do you need? oh wait I know. MORE MORE MORE!!!!
    nice collection, fwiw, i'm glad you didn't have room for toes.
    Seriously. Nice.
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    BTW: wheres the ammo? Dont tell me "Oh, in the OTHER safe..."
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    Look behind the red bottle and at the bottom right of the safe... I see ammo.
  7. When zombie day hits, I'm coming to your house. You've got a frickin' arsenal man. That is SWEET!
  8. nice... how long have you been collecting? looks like you have a weapon for every day of the month.....
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    Thanks guys, :oops: , now I'm a little embarrased, :lol: . I've been doing alot of buying in the last couple of years but started around 1993 with a few here and there, my oldest are bolded. It looks like more than it is I think, here is the list:

    HP 995 ATI'd
    HP C9 comp
    Ruger P94 DC
    Ruger Mark II slab side competition 22

    Ruger Charger
    Ruger 10/22
    Sig Sauer P6
    Kel Tec P-11
    Harington and Richardson Arms Co. - Pre WWII 32 cal revolver
    Hopkins and Allen Mfg. Co. - Pre WWII XL Double Action 32 cal revolver
    Hopkins and Allen Mfg. Co single shot 12 G (Grandfathers)
    Beistegui Bros - Pre WWII 38 long cartridge revolver
    Pistole Modell 27 WWII 32 cal
    Florida Firearms Corp. "AG" GALESI (AG" is "Armi Galesi") 25 cal
    Mossy 500 with pistol grip
    Yugo M70 underfolder - synthetic stock
    WASR 10 - Synthetic
    2 Tapco'd SKS in various configs
    1 bone stock SKS
    Marlin Model 60
    Walther G22

    My wish list for future purchases:

    Kel Tec Sub2000
    Glock 17
    AR 15 - Not brand specific just looking for a good deal
    Walther P22
    RIA 45
    GSG-5 (possibly)
    Featherlite 22 and/or 9mm

    I think that covers it :lol: .
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    Panoz, be sure to look for this letter in your mailbox. Take pics of how you use them, and make sure i sent all of them, OK?