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  1. So, I went shooting yesterday. Plinking, I suppose. Went up into the mountains and shot a pumpkin. Wanted to try out the different hollowpoints that I've bought. See which one I liked.

    This was the most miserable shooting trip I've had. There was snow. I was expecting some snow, but I was expecting a few inches of snow. Instead, there was a few feet of show. I could stand on top of the snow most of the time while actually shooting, but walking to and from the car I kept sinking in. So, the walk was miserable, but the time shooting was enjoyable.

    Anyway, on to the report.

    I recovered at least one of every kind of bullet that I fired. First time I've ever been able to do that. I was shooting at a pumpkin with the snow as a backdrop. Here's a picture.


    Left to right those are Blazer Brass 230gr FMJ, Speer Gold-dot 230gr, Remington Golden Sabre 185gr, Federal Hydra-Shock 185gr and Winchester Silvertip 185gr. All were fired out of a Springfield Mil-Spec 1911. Edit: That's actually not entirely true. The FMJ was recovered about 3 months ago and was fired out of a Glock. I did fire some of the same bullets today that were possibly bought at the same time as the one shown in the picture here, though. Didn't go looking for any of those, though. Person I was with started feeling sick.

    I was expecting more from the Gold-dot. I was unimpressed with the expansion.

    The Golden Sabre had the lead core seperated from the jacket. I don't think that that jacket and that core go together, but whatever. It looks cool like that. The lead core did not expand enough to meet my expectations.

    The Hydra-shock I was very impressed with the expansion on. However, they seemed to kick more than any of the others that I shot. I was thinking about it and I wonder if they were +P. I'll have to check the box and see.

    Overall, I think that my favorite was the Silvertip. Controllable recoil and acceptable expansion. For the time being, I think I'll carry a mixture of Silvertips and Hydra-shocks. I'll see if the Hydra-shocks were +P and if they were, I may get some that are not and carry that instead.

    So, there you go. My first range report ever. Let me know how I did.
  2. looks like a fun outing.

    I have pretty limited experience in this, but of the bullets i've recovered from my .40 my flat tip Ranier plated rounds tended to buckle sometimes, and expand others. Still better than what that gold dot did.

    The HP raniers expand well but often have jacket seperation.

    Of what I have tried Hornady XTP's are the best with a good mix of expansion and strength.

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    That is always fun... The weather is turning nice and I can't wait to get to shoot out doors.

    Remember that those rounds are designed to expand in flesh. Pumpkin will not give them much to work off of.
  4. I don't know man that second bullet, I believe it is the gold dot, sure looks like it going to leave a nasty bleeding wound. I don't think I would want it slicing through my organs.
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    Where'd you go shooting brjedi? We were planning to go up to Squaw Peak today, but didn't make it up there.
  6. I'm not sure what it's called. It's off highway 6 to the east of Spanish Fork. Just up into the mountains, not an official shooting range or anything.
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    Cool. I'm going out that way on Wednesday morning with a bunch of guys (and gals).