Recovered bullets

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  1. A local range has some kind of heavy rubber mat that you staple targets to. As I was stapling one day, I looked down and found a bullet. Then another. 2-3 times I have been the only one there, and have picked up what I found...






    Range is 25 yards.
  2. Some of those bullets have zero expansion... Wow, that's wild.

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    the hollow points in pic #2 look clogged w/ rubber.

    im guessing the rubber was meant to be self healing apparently its tough enough to bounce bullets off.
  4. I've recovered a lot of .40 bullets after shooting them into water jugs. Excellent to check expansion.

    Hornady XTP's tend to expand very very well
    Ranier flat points tend to either expand well or get "crushed"
  5. Is that rubber mat free hanging or is it bolted to the bottom of a frame? I would have thought that the bullets would be deformed more.
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    wow thats kinda cool.
  7. If you cast yer own bullets you have one heck of a supply of free lead. Even the copper clad bullets can be melted down and the copper jacket will float to the top allowing you to skim them off with the dross. Most of the inner lead in jacketed bullets is really soft stuff making it great for muzzleloading round balls and conicals.

    Oh... great pics!
  8. Many of those look like they would leave a serious welt. Especially that first/top one just under the M on the ruler. It looks huge!!!
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    Word to the wise: Melting down jacketed bullets can be a crapshoot if you dont sort them. TMJ bullets have lead cores that when heated will expand and "pop" the copper jacket. Ive had this happen twice while melting range bullets. Its not a fun expierience. It could also potentially hurt you if you were in range of the pot when the bullets go off. I sort of all the TMJ rounds and any others that have no visible lead ans sell them for scrap instead of melting them. Its time well spent.

  10. Instead of selling for scrap, have you considered smashing with a hammer to split the jacket?
  11. I like thread like this.

    Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
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    My shooting range has dirt berms, but once in awhile I'll walk down range and find bullets that have no damage that I wonder if they can be shot again.
  13. I know I woulddn't reload them.
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    i just read the new combat handgun issue and was reading something about how sometimes thick clothing like denim or winter clothing can clog hollow points and screw up the expansion.... they did a test with 9mm, .40 and .45..... the .40 and .45 werent effected as much by clothes and 2 sheets of drywall but when it came to shooting through 2 sheets of plywood the 9mm had better penetration. its an iteresting article.

    those bullets you recovered are interesting, at only 25 yards a hard rubber mat seems to absorb all the energy or something.