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Recovered firearm

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A couple of years ago I had 5 or 6 handguns stolen along with a couple of large toolboxes and some cordless tools. The guy who stole my stuff used my Taurus PT940 to threaten a few people. He was a known felon at the time. After he was arrested I got back everything but the Taurus.

Well, just a few days ago he finally pleaded guilty to many/all charges. The following day the judge and prosecutor signed the release of my Taurus back into my possession. It was secured by the sheriff department in the evidence locker. I’m a friend of our County Sheriff and he personally delivered the gun to my house. Signed a couple of documents and all is good.
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Well…..it did take a few years, for some folks, that’s a horror show.
But yeah, the lack of drama over doing the right thing is nice.👍
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