Recrowning a barrel

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  1. Could anyone that knows anything about this please re-post instructions on a how-to or DIY or whatever. Thanks.
  2. I used the stove bolt method .78$ from Ace Hardware, a tube of valve lapping compound from the auto parts store 3$ and my cordless drill. I only chamfered the actual barrel opening. I did not set back the crown down into the barrel but that is for protection of the crown only. I don't hunt with my guns or give them any rough treatment so if I accidentally bang up my crown I will just redo it.

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    I am going to try this if I need to redo a corwn.
  4. The stove bolt/grinding wheel method is ok, but if you know someone you can borrow a proper crowning tool from, it's a lot better.

    I did my SKS with both methods, bolt first then tool second and the tool is flawless while the stove bolt method looked pretty Bubba (I could have kept going, but it had been an hour or so already).

    Brownells sell everything you need for about $150, but if it's just the one rifle that might be sort of expensive..... although I play to get one of the multi calibre kits eventually.

    Maybe someone on here has one? I borrowed the one I used off a good guy on Carolina Shooters Forum, didn't know me from Adam.