Red Ball Magazines!

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    Would it funny if that's not what he ordered.
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    Go hug your damn kid and get him moved in to his dorm already!

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    He is packing his hiking gear with Grandpa. First class is a 3 week trek into the wilderness to have bonding time with his classmates.
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    it's the 20 round from redball. the boomerang. the skinny looking banana mag.
    edit: tried to link an image from a url, but maybe i don't have enough posts yet.
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    You must load them carefully so that rounds remain slightly nose up. If they start going nose down or level the follower does not get pushed properly.

    Be sure to slightly push down rim of prior round when loading a round into mag to keep lower one nose up. Bang base of mag on a hard flat surface every few rounds helps keep them oriented.

    I could handload 18 rounds first time, then let them sit a couple days. Loaded 19 after shooting and could load 20 by 4th time, they loosen a little once you use them.

    Have heard spraying a dry lube in them helps.
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    I am tired of tellinf newbies how to load HP mags.

    You now have been charged with the task!!! ;)
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    I knew there was a name for it..."Magazine Bite"!!! My wife used to use a thimble when sewing, maybe we need a "Thumble" for our mags. 22 mags are the worst but I have mag loaders for most of my caliber types. I have a few that are near impossible to load fully.

    Haven't tried wearing a glove yet for those hard to load mags, a bandaid would probably do just as good. Don't they have an archery glove that might work?

    How bout a bowler's glove:
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    thx, they've been a bear. will try this as well
  11. I wussed out and used the speedloader from day one: no issues and it works perfectly. 1-10 go in really easy, 11-20 require a bit more pressure, but it really does work fine. CA53C467-6119-48DC-84A1-70CE0A35DF5D.jpeg
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    The followers for both magazines were getting hung up on the bend in the mag where capacity goes from 10 to 20. I stuck a bamboo plant stake down each magazine and kinda 'punched' through whatever was causing it to get stuck at that point.

    Compressed the spring and follower a bunch of times with the bamboo to make sure it kept working, then loaded 20 rounds in each no problem. Leaving them in there for now, even though it turns out compressing the spring wasn't the issue, but something caught up at that bend. I seem to have knocked out whatever it was.

    Thanks for all the advice
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  13. It was probaby either a burr in the metalwork at the bend, or excess plastic flash on either the follower or the middle plastic piece at the bend. Could be a chip of material that got stuck in there too.
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    yeah it had to have been something like that is what i figured. too strong to allow hand feeding rounds, chipped/broke off easily with direct pressure and percussive force.
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    Can that be a single stag mack?
  16. Yes. Hi-point receivers can only take single stack mags.
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    One stack Mack? Truck driver talk.
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    hope you've gotten it