Red Dot and Iron Sights

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  1. Does anyone have a red dot, or similar sight, on their carbine indexed along with the factory sights? I've found some cheap-ish ones on Amazon, but I'm afraid that together they wont line up together. I'd like to keep both, because my experience with shooting with a red dot in full sunlight it is difficult to see the dot. So, any suggestions?
  2. Search for "co-witness".

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    My suggestion is to do as yeoldetool suggested.:D

    And then go with the sight you prefer. This isn't a tactical weapon, battlefield conditions rarely exist, and if you are in a situation that requires you to switch to a secondary sighting are in a situation where you should have brought more gun than an HP carbine.;)
  4. plus......1
  5. exactly the word i couldn't come up with, thanks :D

    and the more i search the more if a pain this is sounding like its gonna be, so i'll probably just stick with the iron sights
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    I know the BSA Hi Point offers lines up with the front site post. It's off in the camera angle here but it works for the shooter. As for the rear site I just keep it in a zip-lock bag in a box with the rest of my "gun" stuff. Welcome to the forum.

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    This one fits in front of the rear sight and co-witnesses perfectly with the Iron sights.;MMcat104792580;cat104752080

    as will this one which is much less expensive and very close in quality but it has a slightly larger dot, which doesn't make much difference on bright days because you need to turn up the intensity which makes the dot larger anyways.;Search-All+Products

    This is what it looks like mounted up---

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    Use the BARSKA myself
  10. I understand co-witness, but why do people leave their rear iron sights on? I've been researching different red dots and cant figure out why people put them in the middle of their front and rear iron sights
  11. The purpose of co-witnessing is to have the iron sights available if the red dot's battery quits or just craps out. When the red dot is unavailable, you can still use your iron sights.

    For me, I wanted to keep my 995TS mostly stock, even with the addition of "extras". I cannot co-witness my red dot, but it has a quick release latch, so I can just take it off if I need to use my irons.
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    Here is my co-witness well more like 1/3 lower co-witness red dot sight used utg leapers 40mm red/green dot sight
  13. Yep, that's how mine looked when I mounted it directly to the rail (same model red dot but with the circle dot instead of the dot alone). I was able to raise the iron sights to where it was almost an absolute co-witness (raise the front to the top, and adjust the rear to match). I didn't want to grind off any of my rear sight or the red dot, so I ended up raising it 1/2" which eliminated any possibility of a co-witness.

    BTW, I took it out yesterday to sight it in. It took some getting used to when adjusting, since it’s backwards from the iron sights. I also was experimenting to see if the POI changed when I viewed the red dot from other than dead center. I only had an hour, so the jury is still out on that one, but it did seem to make a difference. Not much, but some.
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    My cowitness w/ my cheap ncstar i just picked up


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    Not bad, looks about the same as my BSA. Whats it dialed in at?
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    primary arms 3 moa 20mm microdot
    they have a year warranty & are made in china, imported to texas (as others i believe most of the sights are all made @ same handful of factories as they all seem so similar)
    it co witnessed w/sights but have yet to actually sight the rifle in. ie. haven't been anywhere to set @ 50+ yds so haven't gotten it sighted :(

    before removing front sight & adding barrel shroud
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    How about a red dot like this one?

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    Sights for HP 995TS

    I removed my rear sight altogether. Placed a 4 power scope so my 70 yr old eyes can see a target beyond 10 or 15 inches...maybe that good on sunny days.

    Anyway, for plinking and home defense, the debate over sights boils down to individual choice and how the gun owner foresees using his weapon. In my case, my wife and I both can enjoy the shooting at targets beyond 10 or 15 inches (LOL) and know that point and shoot will deter any but the most foolish of intruders.

    My Glock would then take over...