Red dot = drool.

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    So I got to test out my new red dot sight for the first time today.

    It is amazing. Dead on accurate, easy to use, was easy to put on.

    That, and this was fun, too. I found an old water softener tank made of fiberglass. Aside from my 995, I was shooting at it with my Mosin-Nagant. Aside from leaving a couple of nice holes in it, there was one special one. It almost missed, hitting the side at just the right angle to go through about 4 inches of tough ass fiberglass and make a nice U shape in the tree limb behind it (I shoot at targets I put on a nicely positioned pile of downed tree branches).
  2. What kind of RD are you using????

    WHERE ARE THE PICS???????????????????????????????????????

    Where is the Gunny when you need him??? lol

  3. I really like the red dot sights too. I have four or five of them myself.
  4. CharlieOne

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    All I had on me at the time was my cell phone, and I didn't even think to take pics. At any rate, the light was probable too dim. Great camera. Just when the light is brighter.

    I have a Barska.
  5. 4095Fanatic to the rescue!

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    hi guys im new to the group i baught my hi-point c9 last mon i have shot about 100 rounds out og it and love it i wanted to know is their a way to put a laser on the c9 or do you have to buy the tatical stock for it jw?
  7. You can buy the Hi Point compensator that slips over the last inch of barrel and clamps on, then they have a laser that fits on the compensator.

    You can find them at

    Click on the gear link or give them a call at the phone number on the main page for more info
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    LOL, that is simple freekin awesome dude!!!
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    Love the red dot

    I want to put one on my ruger mark 2 pistol.
  10. And in case anyone was wondering, here's the BSA scope that comes with 995/4095:



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    That is my current set-up right there, bought my red dot from wally-world.

    I haven't had much luck with it since it was too cold for me to sight in my weapon, I just couldn't get my self to load my magazines in that kind of cold weather back home...