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    I have decided to put a red dot sight on my 995. I was wondering what models you all use?

  2. A decent priced one that to me is good quality is the RD30 from BSA. You can find them for under 35 at various places, including the Hi Point site.

    It has 30mm optics

    BSA also has a green dot that is the same as the scope above except it is a green dot. They are going for 19 bucks at different places on the internet right now.

    The scopes have aluminum bodies and glass optics, I have both and have had good luck with them, even on a 12 gauge shotgun.
  3. Once again I have purchased my third red dot sight and I am not happy with it. I have two of the WalMart BSA's and a new NCStar very nice looking sleek scope. The problem is I want my actual red dot to be a pinpoint crystal clear dot. On all three of my scopes the red dot is actually a combination of several smaller red dots squeezed together and this allows them to get out of shape and not be pinpoint. If anyone has ever seen a piece of fiber optic cable it is made up of several smaller strands of the fiber optic material and this is how my scopes are manufactured. The red dot is projected from a piece of this cable. Am I going to have to spend AimPoint money to get what I want? I sure hope not! Can anyone give me the opinion on their red dot and tell me if compares to what I have or what I am looking for?
  4. I do not think they are meant to be a sharpshooter scope to begin with. They are more for fast target acquisition, and are decent but not perfect as far as pin point accuracy.

    I have no real problem putting rounds in a 10 inch square at 100 yds with mine, that is shooting from a rest and taking into account that I wear bifocals and have crappy eyesight.

    The laser dot is not a perfect red dot but more like a star with a very small amount of "shine" around the actual dot
  5. "The laser dot is not a perfect red dot but more like a star with a very small amount of "shine" around the actual dot."

    Yes exactly waltham. This is what I don't want. I want a pinpoint exact dot. Has anyone ever had the chance to use a very expensive red dot such as the AimPoint's? Are they capable of producing a dot like I am looking for?
  6. I haven't, but if you turn your dots intensity setting down as much as you can for the light conditions, you will cut out some of the "shine"
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    +1 what waltham said. I know what ya mean, but i turn mine down in all but real sunny days, and its OK.I target shoot with a Ruger competition target model MKII, and at indoor range, to be exact, i turn it on to about #3. Outside, it can be up on 10
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    I was having the intensity problem at the range when shooting with my BSA Red Dot, I turned it down to 4 and it was perfect.. once it's dialed in it good to go..

    here's a picture of mine pretty much dialed in at 20yds
  9. Yeah mine is dead on accurate but only because I have learned where to position the slightly elongated blurry dot for point of impact. I am after the elusive pinpoint dot and may make it a personal mission. But first the weekend is coming and I have partying to do. Is it possible that all the partying is what makes my dot appear to be blurry and elongated? LOL
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    Thanks All!
  11. Wow I guess a bsa isnt a pos after all. I need to get mine sighteds in. My brother took my 995 and tried to use the red dot in conjunction with the front sight. He told me it was shoting low so he adjusted it. 100 rds and im still trying to get it sighted in. First shot was over the target.
  12. Need to start out at 25 yds and get it hitting good and then try at 100 yds again.

    If you cannot get it sighted in it may be bad and need to be replaced. It does happen

    Good luck!

    BTW, if you used the red dot aligned on the front sight, I would expect it to shoot way high. You would be pointing the barrel up pretty high I would think
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    Get a Leapers brand... It is both read and green
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    Hopefully my BSA will be here tomorrow...
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    I have a $200 CMORE on a comp. revolver and I don`t see a perfect dot. In my case my eyes are what does it. Some people will have the problem you have with red but not with green dots
    I do have it worse with red than green but I don`t use it for target shooting. I get on target quicker with red and time is what matters with what I do.
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    On the advice of Glockman, I use Simmons brand red-dots.

    Usually the same price as BSA but much better quality.

  17. I put a truglo 2x30 magnifed on mine. I like it alot. It cost around 80.00.
  18. My ideal sight picture isn't a precise dot. It's a cross-hair with a circle in it. That way, there's no obstruction of whatever you're trying to perforate. I think I remember the EOTech having a setting like that. I'd like to find one in something a little less pricey. Never really cared for red dot sights for similar reasons as mentioned above: the dot obstructs to much for real accuracy.

    If anyone knows of a lower cost sight with that "donut" sight picture as an option, maybe give me a heads-up.

    PS This is nit-picky, I know. But I'd buy a TRU-GLO if it weren't for the fact they put their logo on in neon rainbow colors. Grates on me for some reason.
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    I was watching Dallas SWAT last night and they had a teargas launcher with a circle dot reflex sight on it... :p