Red dot w/o batteries?

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  1. OK here is my question: I want this style of red dot
    but I was wondering is there one that doesn't need bateries ala how a regular scope has crosshairs? It seems like a nobrainer for the whole SHTF plan, batteries go bad but crosshairs are forever. I just want the open style for my 870 (and maybe my carbine)

    Man I hope that made sense, it's been a long day
  2. If there is I have never seen it. It kinda defeats the whole "red dot" idea making it an open faced illuminated reticle. :lol:

    I agree though, it would be good to have.

    Keep this in mind guys: In a SHTF scenario those batteries are ALL AROUND you. Just about every desktop computer uses either a CR2025 or a CR2030 for its bios battery. Computer will still function fine without it, you just have to load the BIOS defaults if you loose power.

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    The red dot is created with an LED (Light Emitting Diode). A diode is an electronic "check valve" and does not operate without electricity. Would you rather have a battery or have to plug it into a wall receptacle?
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    I have one that uses no batteries. Trijicon Acog.
    Come one guys they have been around for years.
    Quote "

    The ACOGs are internally-adjustable, compact telescopic sights with tritium illuminated reticle patterns for use in low light or at night. Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC)* models feature bright daytime reticles using fiber optics which collect ambient light. The ACOGs combine traditional, precise distance marksmanship with close-in aiming speed. Although the ACOGs have many features which are very advantageous for military use, they were developed by Trijicon without government funding.
    Designed for use with the M16 family, every feature of its mechanical and optical design was chosen for a single purpose: to provide increased hit potential in all lighting conditions -- without failure-prone batteries.
  5. Let me explain again I want an open style red dot. Not an actual "red dot" but with actual cross hairs. So something like the link I posted but with crosshairs or such so as not to need batteries. Make sense?
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    That is a reflex sight.. I do not think what you are asking for is made. Why not just use iron sights.
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    the only reflex sight i can think of that runs w/o batteries are the Trijicon Reflex. those run around $350. those come with different sized dots and a triangle.

    the only reflex with crosshairs i can think of is the ATN:


  9. acogs are nice and I would love to have one, but its not something that is in my price range.
  10. Mainly because my 870 just has the front bead and that's it. I have to put a saddle on it and I like the way those sights like I linked to "frame" the target. For home def or a SHTF situation those seem like the most idiot proof and novice friendly. So one made for that but not needing batteries seemed like an ideal thing.
  11. When the SHTF, if it requires more than 5 rounds of #4 Buck to dispatch your would-be dispatcher when aimining with a standard shotgun bead, you obviously need to upgrade to one of two things. One is manufactured by a company called Howitzer, the other is available through any shady dealer under the heading of "RPG." Honestly, a shotgun doesn't need fancy optics. The very nature of a shotgun deems fancy optics to be frivolous, unless of course slug hunting with a rifled barrel and sabot slugs, firing at 75+ yards. Fill the tube and wait for the zombies. When they come, point and shoot. If you miss, cock it and shoot again. It is a relative guarantee that when 1.5 ounces of .24 caliber balls burp fourth from your 18 inches of fury, if they aren't dead they either wish they were, or they're hoping to god you don't get another shot off before they are in the next county.