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    If someone was going to use a 995 (topped with a red dot and is uses +p rounds) as a CQB weapon and has iron sights zeroed at 5 meters, how far out should red dot be zeroed? I was thinking in the 35-45 meter range.
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    If you are honestly talking about using it as a CQB weapon, then set it at about 10 to 15 feet at the most. If you are having to shoot at something 35 to 45 meters away, you are hardly in a cqb. I would personally check the area you will be most likely to have such a situation occur (in most cases your home) and determine what distances you may be shooting at given different home defense scenarios. Use those distances to determine a nice distance to sight the weapon it at given your paticular situation.A red dot is meant to give you quicker target aquisitioning, not shoot at a longer distance.

  3. If you have to use sights of any kind inside your home I am jealous because it must be a mansion. In all seriousness inside the average home it will be point and shoot, no sights needed. Your reaction time and proximity of the target will not allow for sights. Practice this at the range 20ft and less.
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    +1 on this...
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    I use a slightly different approach. As a firearms instructor we sight our department ARs in at 25 yards. From this distance it is accurate out to 100 yards (about as far as we would like to go). CQB distances the difference will be the distance from the center of your scope to the center of your barrel. I sited my 4095 in using this same technique and got the same results as with the AR. At close range (5 yards) the point of impact is @2.5 inches lower than point of aim (I use a red dot), which seems to be very effective. From 25 to 100 yards it is nothing to hit a small 12"x12" steel plate. I totally agree with some of the others, if you're only using for defending the inside of your house I would sight it in at the longest distance inside your house and work with that. I personally can deal with the 2.5" difference, knowing I can make an accurate shot out to 100 yards.
  6. 7 yards for HD, i have mine set for 25 yards, but seriously in HD just put the dot on the target... no matter what the zero it's not gonna be off by more than a few inches at the most lol.
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    ok thanks fellers I will be setting it out to 25 yards