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    looking at quite a few laser/flashlight set up's for my 995TS and found one that is a 3w 650nm red laser that supposedly is good to 150 yrds . Is this a good set up or is 3w normal for rifle lasers
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    My son has a flashlight/laser on his 4095ts, i'll have to ask him the brand, but it ran him about $80 that claims to be good up to 125yds, now, that might be true, however, neither of us can see it past about 30 yards in daylight. my guess is, that those magic numbers are only in low light/no light situations. In darkness, you can just about make out the little red 'dot' up to about 75 yards, but niether of us have tried it much further than that.

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    I have a $4.95 Home Depot flashlight laser combo maybe 4 inches long and that laser will go past a mile at night.
    It's the size of a basketball by then but it's pretty serious.
    First time I tried it I was like Holy s**t
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    Almost all red lasers are pretty useless in the daylight at distances past 30 yards and faint even then.
  5. 3 WATTS? All the laser sights I have seen locally are less than 1/2 watt, as required by law. Some stuff on Ebay may be a little more, straight from Hong Kong. If ya want daylight visible, green is the way to go. But even a green washes out in bright sunlight. Overcast or target is in shadow, best results.
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    Greens the way to go. Bright in the day, even brighter at night.

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