Red or Green dot or Relex sight for 995TS

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  1. I have a new 995TS and would like to leave my iron sights on and useable at all times. Now from your vast experience, what brand and models Red or Green dot or Relex sights have you found that you can bolt on the rail and be able to cowitness without risers and such or having to remove the rear factory sight? I am not paying no more than $40 and unnecessary for a pistol round carbine. I have the 4095TS and it is longer than the 995TS. Just getting started on this one but going to keep it simple. Absolutely no scope. This is for CQB and would sero in at 40 yards max. Whatcha got for me. Thanks folks.
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    Never found one that co-witnesses. But some will let you see through the sight in the lower part with the irons, called a lower third co-witness, then look over them to use the dot.

    Someone did report they got one to do it.

  3. I appreciate it. Hopefully whoever did find one and it worked will respond to this post. Merry Christmas there ajole.