reflex scopes

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  1. anyone have refelex scopes on their 995s? If u do how good are they?
  2. I've had one on my 995, and it was cool, but I found that I prefer regular scopes over red-dots.

    It is for sale in the classified section! :D

  3. I love my red dot. I'd put one on my pistol if there was a way to conceal the thing lol.
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    Have you seen the pistol sized reflexes, they replace the rear sight =) Oh was that a high jack ? sorry.
  5. I have parallax issues with red dot sights on long guns, so my next dot sight will be a reflex type just to see if I have the same issues with it or not.
  6. Like it on mine, they sit kind of high, but I have a ATI stock and it worked out all right. I like the multiple reticles on them especially.