Reforms to SAFE Act take effect

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    Not sure how I feel about this. It's not an actual amendment, but a memo of understanding to make the amendments to the law at a future date. It's not like the internet retailers are going to jump all over this and start shipping ammo to NY again. I suppose I would say that I am cautiously optimistic that things could swing back towards a more gun friendly NY. Still a long road to travel to even get back to where it was pre-Unsafe Act.

    Reforms of SAFE Act take effect

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    Love this part...

    "The Republican controlled New York Senate has secured..."

    They can't just say " The NY Senate", they have to remind you who to blame.:rolleyes:

    I'm sure they'd have preferred to say "the angry old white guy gun nut conservatives that hate gays, love war, plan to destroy the earth and want your babies to die....but they know that would be a bit too much...;)

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    Doncha know that the republicans and the NRA are to blame for bad weather, things that make loud noises, sanctuary cities not complying with federal law, anything offensive to one or more people, failed big government policies, and everything that doesn't go right for dems.
    They can't blame Bush anymore, that boat sailed last year, I think.
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    Sure glad I don't live there. :blush:
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    Every now and then I have to go to upstate NY. Was there over 4th of July and will be back in OCT.

    I felt nekkid without a firearm... Was speaking with my brother in law. In his county it takes forever to get a carry permit, if ever at all.

    He retired from the Army after 25 years.

    His daughter and son in law are both Air Force academy graduates and live in GA. It's very easy for them to get their carry permits. He was jealous (and a much better shot).
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    Apparently there is no statute of limitation to the liberal blame game..... I heard Reagan's trickle down economics policy being blamed for the state of things now also....