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  1. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Hi-Point .40 S&W carbine at Cabela's. Here are the reasons I decided to get the 4095TS:
    1. The price was right.
    2. I liked the unusual look of the firearm.
    3. Ammo is cheap and plentiful.
    4. For me, it is the right choice for home defense.
    5. Made in the USA.
    6. Simple to strip and clean.
    7. Lots of reasonably priced accessories available to deck it out.
    But wouldn't you know it, no matter how well it's made (or how well it meets my requirements), there are always going to be people who can't hold their tongues when it comes to voicing their preferences. That's how it was when I stopped in to a small gun shop close to home. I told the owner I had bought the Hi-Point and he shook his head. I asked, "what's wrong? You don't like Hi-Points?" To which, he replied, "I hate 'em. Hate the way they look. They're ugly." I pressed the issue a little further and asked, "but they're rock solid, have a nice balance, and are really reliable." The gun shop owner wasn't having any bit of it. He simply didn't like the marque. It was purely a matter of aesthetics for him; more about brand name than specific qualities.

    Now, I know some folks would consider it stooping to own a Hi-Point. For them it's either top-shelf or nothing at all. But how about a little respect for the guy who's just looking for a reliable, affordable firearm? I've seen this type of partisan behavior before in the motorcycle world. Tell someone you own a BMW and they're ready to tell you what an idiot you are for not buying a Harley. Tell them you bought a Japanese bike for its reliability and they'll crucify you for single-handedly denting our fragile economy.

    I'm not surprised that there's passionate loyalty in collector groups. It's healthy for technological development as well as the economy. But when the arguments are reduced to base snobbery and brand evangelism devoid of regard for user requirement it's all gone much too far.

    I'm very happy with my Hi-Point. She's the girl with less-than-Greek features who laughs at your stupid jokes and isn't needy or clingy. She defends you and stands by your side. You want to hold her hand. How can you not fall in love with her?

    Has anyone else come up against Hi-Point snobs? I'd love to hear how you deal with them.
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    Dude I was one.
    I saw the junky, heavy POS HP's and walked past them for years!
    Then I bought a 4595 TS, it rocked so I bought a JHP same ammo and mag's.
    Its still an ugly 45 but its mine, its affordable, it shoots straight and then I got a C9.
    I was wrong and missed out for years on a damn solid American made gun.
    I love my glock but my HP's always go to the range and do well!
    The service I've gotten from MOM is award winning, forget the snobs!
    One guy told me how much he paid for his HK carbine and I laughed, told him I could buy three HP carbines for the same price and ammo, then I let him shot my carbine, his expression and no further conversation was priceless!

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    Oh, the snobs are out there. If you know what you know, then what uneducated people think should not matter. My brother had / has very picky taste. But the more shoot my HP's (I own 4) the more he respects them.
  4. I remember when AK's were just "trash" and belittled by the AR snobs. Some still do, but every one of them who's shot mine has had a change of tune, and seem to own at least one.
    Taking my new 995ts to the range yesterday with my friend who is VERY proud of his Stag Arms AR was telling me "Man a Hi-Point really?" . Well one mag later and his tune had changed too! :D
    This little satisfaction was only further aggravated, by his AR being plagued with some bad ammo (the extractor was ripping the rim of the spent casings leaving the empty lodged in the barrel).
    I know I'm looking forward to enjoying this gun for a long time.
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    The most common question I've gotten about my 995TS is "what is that?".

    Everyone who has seen it/shot it thinks it's pretty cool. I do.
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    Steal cased ammo?
  7. An old saying of something like "sticks and stones" comes to mind. You didn't buy the gun for them, you bought it for you. You are the voice that counts. Snobs abound in this world, who knows and who cares why. Just enjoy!
  8. Yeah, the guys at the local gun club think my HiPoint is ugly as sin.
    All agree that it is probably one of the most dependable guns out there, but they joke about it.

    However they do NOT joke about the Arsenal AK
  9. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm new to the forum and it was sort of a leap of faith to bring the topic up.

    One other thought occurred to me. When I watch the gun shows on the Outdoor Channel ("Lock & Load Mondays") I enjoy the reviews they do for new firearms and accessories. Those guys really know their stuff when it comes to tech & spec. But I always laugh at the end of the reviews when they say something like, "...the new Armasight Nightvision scope is the perfect match for your rifle, and it's a steal at $4,500.00."

    I know there's a difference between a Toyota and a Maserati, but don't criticize my Toyota just because I can't afford a Maserati. You might as well indict driving altogether.
  10. We bought the HP after looking at a lot of reviews. A lot had to do with youtube, watching video after video of the hi point performing well. The firearm world is sorta like Jr High School, some people just never lost that mentality. I don't buy firearms or cars to impress, I buy them for the job at hand.

    Actually we would not have bought the HP if it was not for first purchasing another maligned firearm. My wife bought a JA380 for pocket carry at work, again after reading and watching videos that the gun works. Both guns have lifetime warranties, and are well worth the money.
  11. There are some like my sisters kid " hi -points are junk i only shoot the best, can i borrow 3000.00"
    no sh.t true story.
  12. No, it was independence brass.
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    That's very odd. I know the steal case stuff gets chewed up by some AR extractors. If the gun is new and low on round count a good break in is probably in order to loosen the extractor up a bit. Best done by running the dog piss out of it. If the problem persist I would change out extractors.
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    NE Utah
    He could just grind out the chamber a little looser.

    No, not really, I was just kidding. Please don't grind on your gun!;)

    Seems like I keep reading suggestions like this on threads around here, and thought I'd join in.:p

    Seriously, do what papataylor said.

    And maybe run a real chamber brush through the cleaning regimen, I'm always shocked that people don't know there is a second brush for ARs.
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    HEY!!! [​IMG] I've only ever suggested clipping mag springs.
  16. Hey i say dont do it! But i do tell them the method of doing so (for the mighty 10mm)
  17. It worked too
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    I own four hi points have had them for a few years have never had a problem with any of them other than bad ammunition had some idiot argue with me for an hour how unreliable they are till I found out he doesn't even own a firearm an never has just going by what he heard from a friend of a friend told him to piss off and come talk to me when he knows what he's talking about. By the way I spent 5 years as an armorer and am a NRA certified range instructor
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    Welcome to the forum chief!
  20. I ran into this snobbery at Lawman, a cop-oriented shop in Dover, DE. They are a Glock shop (I also have a Glock G22 Gen 4 which is my CC.) I also did the web search on MOM carbines. All owners were happy. All negatives were "I heard from someone." I am one who doesn't have the money for the more pricy names. It was this or nothing. Funny thing, I bought this new, after seeing the big name gun suppliers showing "sold out," on GunBrokers from a pawnshop in Kansas for $314 delivered to my local FFL (add $25). Bought a BSA red dot with laser and 140 lumen light - total expense, $414. Big reason I wanted it now was to beat the threatened "assault weapons ban" in Delaware. Again, a funny thing, this regulation got pulled from the anti-gun legislation (for now). Oh - to be fair, there is a fella at Lawman who is fair and no snob. We can talk, as opposed to the other guy who has his nose up a less-than wholesome part of his anatomy. Enjoy. BTW - have you held the Mossberg 22 Carbine? I've had saw blades smoother than the barrel shroud on that one!