relaoding gear to trade/sell

Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by robertgreen_86, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all. I have some extra reloading gear that is up for sale / trade. Thay are as follows

    1) NIB lee dies 3 peice set with shell holder and powder dipper, 44mag

    2) same as above in 270.

    $20.00 each plus $6.00 for shipping or i will trade em for a set of dies in 38spcl or bullets or brass in either 30-06, 45acp, 38spl, With a trade i would like each party to pay there own shipping. Also i do not have a pay pal acount that i can take money with so it will need to be a check through the mail type of thing i know it is kinda slow but thats the only option at this time. Like i said i would prefer trade thanks -Bob

    P.S. any bullets work cast, fmj, plated what ever. I also need a decant little electronic scale. thanks -Bob

  2. OK new addition now i need a set of dies in 9mm as well. I am good on 45 and 38 spl brass. along with 30-06 brass all i need now is dies or scale come on some ones gotta want these dies.
  3. Man sure wish they would of been 45 ACP dies. That is what I am looking to trade my 9mm dies for, can't use 44 or 270.
  4. I can't use the .44 mag/special dies I have now, much less .270.... Sigh, I wanna help out but there nothing I really need that you have.
  5. I also have a lee scale, some 45acp brass, 38spl brass and bullets, I also need a lee powder disk mdespenser. I have a lee perfect despenser i could part with.....

    BTW I need plastic ammo boxes!!!! 45acp please! Also for those of you looking for reloading supplys that are out of stock everywere try Kampf gun shop in Indiana they have a website just google it great prices and very cheap.