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  1. greg_r

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    How many here reload?
  2. I have reloaded 9mm for about 3 years and I'm starting to reload 308W.

  3. Revolver

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    I have for about 4 years now
  4. My father taught me how to reload when I was 12, that was 38 years ago. I reloaded all my shells for my deer rifle. as for handguns I have been reloading them for 22 years. and just last year I started casting my own bullets. so reloading is one of my biggest hobbies, right next to shooting. I am always asked if reloading is cheaper then bought. my answer to that is " not sure, but I can fine tune a load for each gun I own"
  5. SWO1

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    I reload ALL my center fire ammo, Pistols and Rifles.

    .38 Super
    .45 acp

    7 MM Rem

    As the above poster said, Cheaper ?? I shoot more so probably NOT. But all ammo is tailored to each gun thus a lot better accuracy and performance. And its FUN, at least for me. I figure if you want something done right, DO IT YOURSELF !! Amassing reloading equipment is as bad as collecting Guns ... LOL
  6. bigfrank330

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    I reload
    38 SPL
    I enjoy reloading as much as I enjoy shooting
    they both keep me broke and out of trouble
  7. Grant

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    I am just about to start. I just got a loader.
  8. eet

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    I have several family members that are really into reloading. I have only done a little so far and only in 300AAC as those are hard to find and quite pricey.
  9. FlashBang

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    I reload every center fire caliber I own. I also work up subsonic loads for use with my suppressors.

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    I have reloaded (did a lot of shotgun when I was a kid) and recently have done a fair amount of .45.
    But, with the low cost of some of the rounds I have bought recently, I have only reloaded .45. For $10 a box of 50, I stocked up on .40 and 9mm.
  11. greg_r

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    I enjoy reloading. I currently load for 9 rifle calibers, 5 handgun calibers, and 2 shotgun gauges. I can buy 20 gauge cheaper than what I can load, but only if I buy promotional loads. Everything else is definitely cheaper to load although 9mm promotional loads can come close.

    I also cast my own bullets ( and sinkers) . I had a free source of lead, but that dried up. Only have 2 buckets and a few ingots left. I enjoy reloading, but look at casting as a necessary evil.

    I pretty much use Lee equipment, with a little bit of RCBS thrown in. Shotgun press is a MEC. I have a few Lee Classic Loaders, shotgun, rifle, and handgun. Really like those things. Guess there is just something about hitting stuff with hammers that I like!

    Anyway, I was just curious, as I don't see many talking about reloading here.
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That's because once you start, and you get a good load, and there's no need to talk much anymore.

    About all we see here is some guy asking about is it worth it, (yes) what should I get (Lee Anniversary kit, or the hammer-a-load Loader:p) what's a decent recipe, (to which the answer depends on you and your gun) and that's about it.

    I don't do shotgun, don't shoot them much, but I do the 9mm/.40/.45, plus mostly milsurp stuff like 7mm and 8mm Mauser, 30-06, .303 Brit, and the hunting stuff like 30-30 and .300 Savage.
  13. Usually it's only talked about a lot when a member here 1st starts. Most here seem to reload to save $, have ammo available and aren't into endless experimentation.
  14. greg_r

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    I partially agree with that, but lots of things change. A good load might not be as good with the next lot of powder you buy. Without conversation I would still be shooting 4895 in some of my milsurps, not knowing how well varget works in them. Just saying.
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  15. Hermitt

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    I'm new to reloading. My dad has reloaded for years. He is retired USAF small arms instructor and still instructs for ccw in Ohio. Last Christmas, he bought me a new Lee Breech Lock Challenger kit and also sent me his old RCBS cast iron single stage press as well as dies for .223, .243w, .270w, and he is still looking for his 30-06 dies to send me. I've also purchased Lee dies to reload 9mm.
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That's true. I guess you can add the once a year discussion of "powder X isn't available, what other powder can I use?"

    I guess most of us just go to a reloading forum for those questions?
  17. That's true as I goto 2 of them: Is about all stuff Lee and some reloading. Most should know this place.
  18. Thanks for the 2 sites 62chevy getting ready to reload 9MM.
  19. Hermitt

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    I started reloading in 2006. Wish I would've started 30 years sooner. I started out doing 2 calibers and I'm up to 12 now. I'll being doing more too as I have firearms I don't have dies for and dies I don't have firearms for. Such a problem.
    I starterd with the Lee Anniversary kit and soon replaced the scale. After a couple of years I bought a Lee cast Turret press. That press suits my needs.
    A few years ago I started casting bullets. Lead cost me nothing except propane to smelt. I can still buy primers for $30/1K. Just bought some Friday. Powder is between $20-$25 depending on type. As others know, I don't save any money but I do get to shoot a lot more.
    BTW, thanks for that Lee forum link 62chevy.